One Year Later

A year ago, I was running on treadmills, daring myself to run for a marathon, or at least prepare for doing a 1/2 marathon. Someone said if you put your mind to it, you can do it.  I believe that to a certain extent. I had the mind and perseverance to run a half marathon but I didn’t realize that my body wasn’t made to do it. All these years without knowing that my left leg is 1cm shorter than my right leg. Bearing that in mind and training hard for a marathon, it’s not strange that I would experience knee pain which led to injury after attempts to treat the symptoms failed. I had visited the orthopedic several times up till the point when I was about to give up and just go for the surgery.

The night before my scheduled surgery date, I couldn’t sleep. I just couldn’t get the peace of mind to sleep. Tossed and turned and got up the next day with really tired-looking eyes. Then, I changed my mind and decided not to go for the surgery.

I started visiting the chinese chiropractor for treatments since February 2012. Half a year has gone. I’m still wearing knee braces and insole to balance my body. Your body will tell you that you’re no longer that young once you see that recovery takes a long time. These 6 months have really taught me endurance and patience. Basically you have no choice. You just have to be patient and wait for the healing to happen. As at this moment, I’m only starting to recover – ie. climbing up the stairs is less painful now. And I have to do it slowly. But I still need to walk like a crab – coming down the stairs. And, I still can’t squat because of the calcified ligaments. From my understanding it’s tighten due to lack of use during recovery period.

But I still trust in God that He will enable my body to heal. I can see many doctors and chiropractors but I know that ultimately, the ability of my body to heal truly depends on God.



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