Slow Down

I felt compelled to write this although I’m not sure who needs to read this. Anyway, this is for that someone who is in a hurry to grow up. I have two words to say, “slow down”.

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I think it’s important to enjoy the present moment. Don’t be in a rush to grow up. Perhaps in your mind, you think that growing up means your parents will not nag anymore or even right now you think you know more than the older members of your family and you’d rather have things done your way.

Growing up means taking on more responsibilities and growing older is part of the package. When you get older, your parents also get older and as we all know, our physical bodies have expiry dates. Trust me you will feel the void when they’re no longer around. So, spend time to appreciate them and if they nag, be patient and let them. You will miss their voice.

Another part of getting older or growing up is your parents may not be giving you allowance anymore if you have you’re already employed. You pay your own phone/internet bills, housing loan, life insurance, medical insurance, utilities bill, car loan etc… It also involves making important decisions such as buying a real estate, financing the real estate, spending money renovating the property and possibly spending more money if something is done wrong. That’s a lot of money isn’t it? Does it make sitting for O’level exam sound more inviting?

Sometimes I think it’s better to just rent a house instead of buying a house. The only thing is by renting, the owner may terminate the contract anytime they want the house back. Buying a house is like being tied down by a heavy rock (the housing loan).

If I could go back in time, I would be more patient when my father kept asking for me especially when he was bedridden. I would spend less time doing work at home and spend more time talking to him. Maybe we could’ve slowed down his dementia.


The Comparison Trap

You know you will never be contented if you keep comparing yourself to others. There will always be someone who has a better car, better job, better pay, better complexion, etc… The list goes on. Why do you keep looking at what others have? What about what you have? As you’ve been so busy looking at what others have, don’t forget that you might have what others do not have.

I think there’s nothing wrong with the wanting to excel but who is your benchmark? To me, I think it’s better to aim to be a better me tomorrow, then trying to be someone else.

If you think the newest mobile phone will make you happy, you’ll eventually see another model newer, after some time. Just like I don’t understand the constant chase for something faster. I mean 5G going to 6G, and I’m sure they’ll not be satisfied with 6G and want something higher. Why not – just go for infinite-G. ? (Sarcasm)

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Chinese drama

Thoughts on Cdrama: Forever & Ever

I had to finish my reports early last night in order to catch the continuation of this series. Forever and Ever – starring Allen Ren Jia Lun and Bai Lu. I’m glad that we have a happy ending for this series. What I want to say is I’m really impressed. Bai Lu and Allen Ren are such versatile actors. This series is a sequel to One & Only. Their characters are so different. I really think Allen Ren deserves an award for his portrayal of the naive and down to earth Professor ZhouSheng. As you follow the series, you will see how his character evolves as well. You gotta love the ocassional humorous interaction between the two leads.

The soundtrack is also very nice.


Chinese Drama Recommendation

If you’re really into watching Chinese dramas, there are a few that I will recommend that are still pretty new. You Are My Glory leaves you feeling good. The FL got the man she loved since she was a high school teen. I like the soundtrack as well.

You Are My Glory – starring Yang Yang and Diliraba Dilmurat

One and Only – starring Allen Ren & Bai Lu

These two leads have amazing chemistry. The costumes really bring out the characters. I love the story although One and Only brought tears to my eyes. But there’s healing balm in Season 2 (Forever and Ever) where these 2 characters (were reincarnated). It’s so easy to like Zhousheng Chen in Forever and Ever. The awkward situations in Season 2, … I can’t describe with words.

You don’t see guys like these today…. Very rare breed.

Forever & Ever – Allen Ren and Bai Lu