Back In The Water There's something about water that entices me, and yet scares me. After not entering the pool for more than 2 years, I went back for refresher class because I had lost my confidence. I'm so relieved that it didn't take me that long to feel confident again about floating and gliding. It's also nice …

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Growing Up & Growing Older

There was a time in my life when I yearned to be considered a grown-up. Looking at my sister and her group of friends whisper (about I don't know what...) made me want to be included in the grown-up conversations. Then fast forward several years (and trust me, they go by very fast), I was …

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Another Year Older…Hopefully Wiser Too

Today I turn 46. One year older. One year wiser (hopefully). I'm now even more determined to pursue my dreams. After all, if you don't run after your dreams, you will be working to fulfill another's dreams. Meanwhile, I took time off from work and celebrated by pampering myself at the Chi Spa, Rasa Sayang. …

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It's the last day of 2018. Treasure your loved ones. Look after your health. Breathe! Things look bleak and I generally don't feel like celebrating but I will look to God.