Chinese New Year 2021

Last year’s Chinese New Year was different because it was the first Chinese New Year without my father. This year’s Chinese New Year is also different because there’s no lion dance, no firecrackers (well, I didn’t notice it so they probably were not loud enough to wake me up). I slept right through. We had steamboat for dinner.

I still remember those days ushering in the new year when my father was still around. I can still hear his voice in my head when I recall the yesteryears. I still really miss him. He’s physically not with us anymore but forever in my heart.

New Challenges

Over the past three weeks, I’ve tried to grow some vegetables at home but come to realize how challenging it really is. I remember the excitement seeing my babies (seedlings) greet the sun for the first time after being in the seed for (who knows how long??). Then excitedly I transferred them to the bigger pot but everytime they get attacked but pests. At first I thought snails have been attacking. Then I started spraying garlic water but it never worked. I’ll come out in the late afternoon and see my bayam seedlings almost gone with half leaves disappeared. Then I realized that it could’ve been birds after all…

I’ve enjoyed painting birds but dang! I’m annoyed that they won’t let my babies grow to adulthood. Now that I’ve been using a plastic cover to protect the remaining seedlings, they’re also attacking my sunflower seedlings.

Keep Looking At The Son

I got really excited when I saw my tiny plants slant towards the window. It’s quite interesting to see how they lean towards the light. It’s a reminder to me to keep my eyes on the Lord.

Reaching Out…

Keep Your Eyes On The Son

I must say, this batch of Yu Choy Sum are quite the pampered lot. They get to stay indoors and listen to music. But did you notice that they’re all leaning towards the light. I felt like it’s a reminder to me to keep my eyes focused on the Lord.

Reaching For The Light

Growing Alfalfa at Home

Alfalfa seeds

We’ve not even reached the middle of January and yet, so much has happened. I’ve recently bought some alfalfa seeds and ended up with some free Bayam seeds as well. This year, I’ll try to grow some microgreens and since I now have bayam seeds, I also bought a pot to try and grow them.