Blast From The Past

Yesterday, for some reason, I felt the need to reconnect to my past. I bought a cassette player. Can you believe it? Me, listening to cassettes when I can use my iPod, iPhone and CD player.  I was so delighted to see that all those cassettes are still working. I have a bunch of cassettes that were given to me by someone and I had stopped listening to them years ago mainly because all our cassette players died.

Listening to them made me happy, and sad. Suddenly all memories played out in the silver screen of my mind. Although it has been more than 20 years and I have changed but some things remain. I still love classical music, although I’ve not been to many concerts for a long time. I still wish there are better programs here with regards to classical music. I think Vienna would be almost paradise for me. I don’t like having to travel to another country  just to watch a recital or concert but sometimes I just have to do that since our programs are less interesting to me.

Have you ever written fan letters to the actors/singers/musicians that you adore(d)? I wrote a letter to Mark Hamill once, and received a printed autograph. I was hoping for an original and not a copy. I used to have Duran Duran posters all over my wall but that craze died too, after Nick Rhodes got married. Yes, he was my favourite.  I’ve written to Joshua Bell and have even sent a small painting to him. Joshua Bell is my favourite violinist. Dimitris Sgouros is still my favourite pianist.

Last night, while listening to one of the old cassettes, I discovered that tune or melody that’s been haunting my mind. It was one of the short pieces played out during an encore. Unfortunately I don’t know the title of that piece. Hopefully, in two years time, I will be able to find out. I am determined to make it to another of his concert or recital. If not in Asia, I guess I’ll have to take a vacation and visit the country where the concert/recital would be held.





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