Towards The End of 2017

The year is about to wrap up. As someone said before, once September comes, you know the rest of the months will pretty much fly by. He's so right. 2017 has been a very eventful year in many ways but as it draws to an end, I'm beginning to see how 2018 is going to …

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The Morning Coffee, the Ashes and the Scrape

I still have much to learn about paying attention to the still, small voice. Yes, I should've listened to the voice that urged me to head straight to work and forget about getting my "much deserved" coffee because I've been having an incredibly tough and long week with so much work and....DEADLINES! So, I happily drove to …

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Washing Hands

I suppose there won't be any drama if not for the taichi queen. I do admit that my patience is wearing thin (and thinner every day). I shook my head with disbelief when I learned that she didn't even bother to complete her share of updates when she was reminded about it through an email yesterday. Technically speaking, …

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