A Little Piece of Me in Trevi

It’s true that a little piece of me stayed back in Italy. I still remember that feeling of standing in front of the Trevi fountain. It felt too good to be true and yet, there I was.

Such a beautiful work of art. I just wish it wasn’t as crowded. Then I would be able to enjoy the fountain.

Did I throw coins? Yes,… I threw two coins in the fountain. I hope to return some day.DSC00380


Counting Down The Days

Guess what! I’m traveling again soon. I’m so looking forward to the trip but at the same time a bit nervous. Just need to remind myself to get my plans written down.

I can at least, dream of seeing Il Divo in my trip. It would definitely make my day (or year..)

I wouldn’t want to get off the gondola if the gondolier is anything like Carlos Marin. In my head, I’d probably be saying, “Sing,…my angel of music.”


It’s About The Money, Money, Money

I was trying to think of which “category” this post would fit but it seems like there is no specific category which would match it. My MacBook Pro is aging and slowing down. It’s 5 – 6 years old and running the latest OS. The soundcard is dying, speakers are dying and so I’m using external speaker, plugged into the computer. This means I need to start budgeting for a new laptop (it has to be a MacBook Pro). Ever since I started using the Apple computers, there was no going back for me. Still, I can’t decide if I should buy it now while my computer is still alive. I’m not sure when it will die. By the time it dies, I’m not sure how (more expensive) the MacBook Pro will be considering the current USD to Malaysian Ringgit conversion rate…not forgetting the GST etc….

I just spent quite a lot when I had to change all my 4 car tyres (but that’s necessary, I guess.) Then there’s the keyboard (or midi controller) that I’ve been eyeing on…. (I guess the amount I would’ve spent for it was already used up in the car expenses).

And recently my sister had told me about the digitizer (pen tablet – Wacom)… Hmm..I guess I want that too. Because it’s a lot easier to draw/paint (digitally) when there’s no pop up warning boxes informing me that the memory (iPad) is running low.

Wanting far too much, … for far too long? ….. Sigh…..

Bucket List: Hallstatt in Austria

I found out about Hallstatt by watching a Korean drama “Spring Waltz”. Even then, I didn’t know the name of the place. I just knew that it’s very pretty and I started researching to find out the name of this scenic place. Yes,.. it’s definitely in my bucket list.


Bucket List: Vienna

I don’t know what to write about today, so here’s a video. Enjoy the music by Johann Strauss II. The first time I heard this melody was in a kindergarten play where I was (not the princess) but the narrator. The Blue Danube was played when the Snow White fell “asleep” after having that apple.

I suppose many girls back then would want to play the female lead. Not me. I was just selected to be the narrator. When I think of it today, I kinda like it. It feels like I’m the one telling the story, although I’m just the person narrating the story. Oooh…. was it prophetic?  Telling the story….

Anyway, Austria is in one of the countries in my bucket list. I definitely must visit Austria and experience going to the concerts there and seeing the lovely waltz. Other places I must see in Austria are Salzburg and Hallstatt.


The Street at Dongdaemun

If you have arrived at Incheon International Airport, taking the bus (6002) would get you downtown to Dongdaemun. There are  several stops along the way. It’s comfortable and costs only 10,000 won. When I took that ride, I made the mistake of buzzing too early. So I had quite a walk before I reached my destination (Hostel Beige). I remember looking around me and finding it strange. It wasn’t like what I saw on the internet and I uttered a silent prayer in my heart, “What do I do, God?” I was tired after the long flight and didn’t have much sleep. So by the time I reached the hostel, I was really tired. Along the way, I stopped by at several pharmacies to get directions. They’re very helpful and although they don’t speak English well, they do try.

When I arrived at Hostel Beige, it was too early to check-in. So, I left my luggage with the management staff, changed my clothes and headed to Gyeongbokgung. How I managed to find the strength, I have no idea.

You can see from the picture below where Hostel Beige is located. It’s quite a busy street at night with lots of street food stalls along the way. There’s also a stall selling fresh fish. Yes,..that’s right. So, I do smell fish when I come out from the hostel. I guess it’s all right, as long as I don’t smell like fish.

Overall, this is a convenient place to stay because everything is within walking distance. (Pharmacy, Bank, 7 Eleven, Convenience Stores, food stalls, cafes, restaurants, markets, shops (clothes), etc… )



Street at Dongdaemun
Street at Dongdaemun

Taking The Wrong Train

One of the most hilarious moments in Seoul was taking the wrong subway train. I can’t understand why it doesn’t happen to me in Busan. The station that gets me confused the most is Jongmyo-3 . Surprisingly, it’s not one of those stops where all the lines meet.

Seoul Subway
Seoul Subway