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Swimming and Distraction

Can you believe it? I have 4 more hours and I’m done with the swimming lessons. I still can’t get the freestyle breathing right and I think the back of my shoulder blades are hurting again when I tried to do free style (front crawl). This evening I was very excited about going to the pool because it’s after all, a very hot day. Along the way, as I was driving, I played Josh Groban’s album and I got teary eyed. Of course my emotions resembled a roller coster especially after watching that episode of Ally McBeal where the man whom she was supposed to marry just disappeared. In that episode, she was trying to encourage this other character to sing solo after the girl he loved decided to go to prom with another man. Josh Groban played the role of that young man. Almost at the end of that episode, she encouraged him (and herself) that they would love again. I was already tearing up even then. So, the music kept playing in my mind even when I was walking to the pool. I was so distracted till I forgot to remove my shirt before entering the pool. I had to go home later in the evening wearing the wet shirt over my wet swimsuit. Yes, it’s important to be able to laugh at oneself. Obviously the Josh Groban fever hasn’t ended. But it’s really not about him since I don’t know him personally. It’s his voice that has a Mr.Darcy effect on me. 

Speaking of Mr.Darcy, yes.. It makes me smile just seeing Pride and Prejudice at the bookstore… Because it reminds me of Mr. Darcy. So perhaps I should read P&P when I listen to Groban’s albums. 

I recall telling one of my juniors (in the past) that if I got married, the song I would choose is “beauty and the beast”… Because I would expect to be the beast getting married to the beauty. But what about the romantic waltz scene (cartoon waltz scene…romantic? But it’s true…) Since I’m stiff like stick, my perfect scene would be a duet with that someone who probably still doesn’t exist in my life. (But not just any voice….)


Know About Water Resistance

This is something that I should’ve watched before I wore my watch to swim. It’s best to understand what it means when you see the “30m Water Resistant” indication on your watch.

And yes,… one of my good watches is getting foggy because I stupidly wore it for my swimming lessons.

Now, I’m saving for a good water resistant watch.

Coming Up For Air

I have completed 10 lessons and I’m still at the breathing stage. It’s quite hilarious actually because sometimes I think even a turtle finds it easy to come up for air. There I was doing a kick, exhaling underwater,…and I do the pull but I forget to come up for air. The first few times, I couldn’t even get my head up the water, so I couldn’t inhale.

During my practice session yesterday, I finally managed to get my head out of the water but I forgot to inhale and my head went down in a big splash – and I forgot about the arm movements. Ah!….Breaststroke, why art thou so difficult?

My instructor said that maybe I still get a little nervous in the water,… I guess so. Tomorrow, I’ll have to give it another try. It’s been so windy in the evenings lately. In other words,…it’s cold to be in the pool for a long time, especially with the wind blowing.

Here’s hoping that I can do it by Saturday. I need to remember what my pastor said. “Water is your friend.”

Aquaphobic No More

Today I had my 9th swimming lesson in the morning. Of course, people who are not afraid of water would laugh at me for still not being able to master breaststroke. Meanwhile, I’ll give myself a pat on my back because it’s been worth the effort overcoming the fear of water.

Just 2 months ago, I couldn’t even submerge my nose. I spent an entire lesson trying to be comfortable in the water and a few more lessons to be able to submerge my head and hold my breath. Even stepping into the water in the pool (3 feet deep), I could feel the adrenalin going and my pulse was racing.

I’m still trying to coordinate the arm and legs movement and will very likely go for practices in mid-week. Hopefully by the 10th lesson, I can incorporate the breathing into the movements. But it’s very liberating now that I don’t feel my pulse racing when I’m in the water.

IMG_2899.JPGSo, I can finally float at the 3rd lesson. However, I’ve not pushed myself off the wall. Now I see that I just need more time. In other words, I need to come early to “warm up” in order to get comfortable.

I will also be going for extra practises to hopefully get myself more comfortable with the water. For those who have not had bad experience with the water and do not have aquaphobia, floating is no big deal. However, to me, … it’s one heck of an achievement.

Next – I will need to push myself away from the wall.

Praise the LORD!





The one thing that is very common in America and Canada during the season of Christmas is… (drumroll) eggnog. I first tasted eggnog when I was in Montreal, Canada. I loved it. I left Canada in 1997 and it has been that long. I’ve not had eggnog for years.

But more than eggnog this time, I’d really want to be able to conquer my fear of water and be able to swim. At the moment, it still feels like rocket science. Keeping fingers crossed that by Saturday I would be able to glide and float! That’s my Christmas wish.