Updates On My Knees

Wow! How time flies. Two years ago, I over-trained myself and injured my knees. I’m almost recovered today. It’s an incredible journey. Till today, I don’t know how to describe the actual injury. I saw a few doctors, had X-Rays and MRI done and almost went for an operation but decided not to go through it, on the actual day itself. On the day that I was supposed to go for the operation, I twisted my back and had to see the chiropractor for treatment. That’s how I ended up seeing the same chiropractor to treat my knees. I guess you can say it took a LOT of PATIENCE! I never thought I’d be able to kneel again – but a year after my treatments, he had asked me to kneel and I did. Naturally it was painful because the joints were very tight. I’m doing fine today and hope to return to the gym soon.

Yes, the chiropractor treated my knees but God enabled the healing to take place. It felt so good yesterday when I climbed up the stairs at my friend’s house which is just next to their church.

No pain. Praise the LORD! She said I walked like I never had any injury. Praise the LORD!