About Photographs

I used to go out every weekend, accompanied by my hot dates a.k.a cameras (plural). Photography was one of my passions because it was like capturing moments, and some are special moments although most of the photos I took were of mountains, seas, city scenes, still life etc… On rare occasions, I take photos of people including my crushes. This song reminds me of the reason why I still keep their photos. Cos somewhere deep inside, there’s still a special place for them.


Old Memories

Suddenly I’m reminded of the old days, the broken hearts…hence, this is my song today. The lyrics don’t match the situation but yeah,… many times I’ve always been the one on the “outside”.

Four Years Ago – Today

It has been 4 years. I’ve not forgotten although I didn’t want to post anything much on my Facebook page. Chien, you’re missed. My nights were more happening when you were still around. I knew more places to go for food back then. Every time I hear the kingfishers call, I am reminded of you. It’s just different without you.

Christmas Memories

It’s already December and how time flies! Christmas season is always a special time. Of course, we don’t forget the reason for the season. However, I have so many lovely memories of Christmas from many years ago. My favourite is the vacation in Stowe. Never mind that my entire body ached after the cross-country ski-ing but it’s just the typical small town I’d like to be in, during Christmas. Burlington is beautiful and homey. I’d love to visit Burlington again – someday.

Church Street at Burlington.

A Step Into The Past

There’s something about this song that makes it so familiar. It somehow reminds me of someone, but I can’t remember who that someone is. Sometimes it almost feels as if I am living a double life…because I seem to remember things that don’t quite make sense. (Probably  because I don’t remember the rest of it that would help make some sense of it..)

And They Call It “Puppy Love”

A message I received on Facebook sent memories my way. An old friend of mine, John is coming to town. Of course, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this meet up happens.

John is someone I met when I was in my teens. He’s older than me, slightly younger than my sister. Basically my sister knew him before I got to know him. Although I can’t recall where I met him, I knew that the first time I saw him, I thought he has the most beautiful eyes for a Chinese, very tall and good-looking. He and my sister were good friends. When my sister left for the States, I met him a few times. For someone with a low profile (like myself), being seen with him gave a boost to my popularity.

Yes, I occasionally admired him from afar, even in the tuition classes. When he left for the States, I continued to carry a torch for him, even though he had a girlfriend. Of course, who I am today is not the same person as that doe-eyed girl from the past. He’s happily married and has children of his own. I’ve not seen him since 1998.

It will be so good to see him again. Of course, I will always remember those days. How can I forget those memories? Ah …those excuses I gave just to go for a car ride with him. Thank God he never knew about my feelings back then, so there was never any awkwardness. Today, he is like my very own brother and I’m often reminded of him whenever I see an aircraft in the sky.

I can’t wait to see him.