Recalling My “Simon Peter” Moment

I’ve been having mixed feelings lately after returning to the gym for my workout. I find that I can’t be as active as I used to be, prior to my knee injury about 2+ years ago. Sometimes I wonder if my knee will ever get back to the way it was before the injury. Then I am reminded that I’m not getting younger…and some wear and tear in the body is natural.
After being out of action for a while, it’s certainly tough to get started. Perhaps I was too ambitious and found that my quads are actually weak because after 30 minutes on the elliptical, I could feel my legs getting wobbly. Lately my left knee has been complaining, again. This is bad news. Those years without exercise have caused me to gain extra weight and trying to lose them is tough when I need to take it easy so I don’t cause further damage to my knees.

Time To Get Moving

I’ve finally signed up for membership at the gym again, after my injury in 2012. Some walking and cycling would be good to keep the muscles strong. Here are some snapshots taken in 2012.


swollen knee
swollen knee


Physiotherapy session
Physiotherapy session

No Wastage

When I was reading the newsfeed on my Facebook page, I saw my friend’s latest status. She has knee pain and is currently waiting for her turn (for the MRI).  I know that feeling. I feel for her. Tried to give her some words of encouragement but I know that it’s difficult to look up when the slope seems to be taking one downward. Been there. Done that.

This got me thinking. Perhaps the mess that I got myself into has become an asset now. I suppose my experience in the past two years would now benefit her. In other words, I came out from the deep dark hole, with God’s help. So, I’m confident that she would come out from the dark hole too, with God’s help.

Updates On My Knees

Wow! How time flies. Two years ago, I over-trained myself and injured my knees. I’m almost recovered today. It’s an incredible journey. Till today, I don’t know how to describe the actual injury. I saw a few doctors, had X-Rays and MRI done and almost went for an operation but decided not to go through it, on the actual day itself. On the day that I was supposed to go for the operation, I twisted my back and had to see the chiropractor for treatment. That’s how I ended up seeing the same chiropractor to treat my knees. I guess you can say it took a LOT of PATIENCE! I never thought I’d be able to kneel again – but a year after my treatments, he had asked me to kneel and I did. Naturally it was painful because the joints were very tight. I’m doing fine today and hope to return to the gym soon.

Yes, the chiropractor treated my knees but God enabled the healing to take place. It felt so good yesterday when I climbed up the stairs at my friend’s house which is just next to their church.

No pain. Praise the LORD! She said I walked like I never had any injury. Praise the LORD!