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The Doctor’s Appointment

So, I finally dragged myself to the panel clinic at the office to get the patches looked at. They’ve not finalized what the marks are but I’m currently on Dermasole. I was asked to observe the condition for a week, to see if the marks disappear. It could be an allergic reaction apparently, but allergic to what? I was told that as we get older, our hormones change and so do we. So I may be allergic to some things which I wasn’t allergic to in the past.

Keeping fingers crossed that the patches go away in one week or less than 1 week. I wouldn’t want to be diagnosed with skin disorder especially the one starting with a “C”.




It seems like I need to visit the doctor tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it, but then again, who looks forward to seeing the doctor? Then again, the burning question is whether the two reddish/brown patches on my skin is something to be concerned about. I guess I’ve never thought about it but it’s been so many months and the patch didn’t disappear. Now, there’s another patch at my shoulder and I don’t know if it’s been there for a while or that it’s pretty recent.

I had a lot of thoughts this morning. What if I get referred to the dermatologist instead? And what if it turns out to be something I’d rather not have.

For now, I’ll take it one day at a time. Perhaps it really is nothing to worry about.

Post 40

I went to see my optometrist on the weekend. Looks like I finally have to agree that age has opened a new door. The name of the door is “progressive lens”. I guess when the youngest in the family has to wear progressive lens, it’s proof that everyone else in the family has grown older.

So, I went to the pharmacy to get some supplements. (Bilberry & Eyebright). To my horror, the salesperson was trying her best to convince me that my hair is unhealthy because of the colour. (I had to tell her that my hair is naturally dark brown.) When she couldn’t get me to buy the hair supplement, she talked about the dark circles in my eyes and my weight,…not to mention how toxic I apparently am that I need liver supplements. When it got to that level, I walked away.

The Cluttered Mind

So many things have happened. I have been following the updates on the missing jet and how my heart grieves along with those who still have no closure, up till now.

My dad is unwell again. And so, my heart begins to worry. Again. Yes, I know God is with me. I just wish that I can see or feel His arms around me.


Staying Healthy to Serve

I am being reminded about my age whenever I meet friends whom I met when I was one of the youth leaders in church. Most of them have grown up and have children of their own. I’ve attended their weddings. Obviously, they too now have their own “spiritual children”. Then the reminder pops up,… the big “40”. Actually, it’s 41 this year.

Of course when I was in my 20s, I had the energy to literally drive the youths to church for meetings, drive them back home, outings etc… but I definitely don’t have that energy today.

Then I had the knee injury two years ago. (Yikes! It’s been two years.) This had made me slower and less active for fear of re-injuring them. My right knee has definitely made very good progress. My left knee is somewhat temperamental. This led me to the supplements that I’m taking. I spotted an advert on “Good Joints” and was led to find out more about it. So, I walked into that shop and after hearing them out, I decided to buy 1 bottle to try it out. Then the salesperson showed me an equipment and he used that equipment to look at my blood vessels.. At first I thought it was interesting, then by looking at some of the blood vessels that had poor circulation, he guessed out (correctly) that I haven’t slept much lately. (Blame it on Candy Crush!). Also guessed out that I sometimes take supper and I am a coffee drinker…all that by looking at the blood vessels. Of course, salesmen do what they’re supposed to do. They introduce another product, which obviously I bought although I’ve not started taking the other supplement.

I have however started taking “Good Joints” and I am supposed to start feeling the (positive) effects within 2 weeks but I think I’m feeling it a bit today (it’s just the 2nd day since I started taking them.) Will definitely write more about it after a few more weeks. If they’re indeed very good,..I’m going to be a loyal customer.

On one hand, I trust God that I will live well (I don’t need to live till 100) but I still want to serve Him in whatever creative skills He has given me. But I’ve got to play my part by maintaining my health too.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

American Standard Version (ASV)

19 Or know ye not that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you, which ye have from God? and ye are not your own;

20 for ye were bought with a price: glorify God therefore in your body.

This Year End…Maybe


Two more months to go before we usher in the new year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that by the end of the year, I’ll get to wear these again. I must return to the gym.  But I need to do so without injuring myself again. Gotta burn some calories or I’ll need to burn my old clothes…

Updates On My Knees

Wow! How time flies. Two years ago, I over-trained myself and injured my knees. I’m almost recovered today. It’s an incredible journey. Till today, I don’t know how to describe the actual injury. I saw a few doctors, had X-Rays and MRI done and almost went for an operation but decided not to go through it, on the actual day itself. On the day that I was supposed to go for the operation, I twisted my back and had to see the chiropractor for treatment. That’s how I ended up seeing the same chiropractor to treat my knees. I guess you can say it took a LOT of PATIENCE! I never thought I’d be able to kneel again – but a year after my treatments, he had asked me to kneel and I did. Naturally it was painful because the joints were very tight. I’m doing fine today and hope to return to the gym soon.

Yes, the chiropractor treated my knees but God enabled the healing to take place. It felt so good yesterday when I climbed up the stairs at my friend’s house which is just next to their church.

No pain. Praise the LORD! She said I walked like I never had any injury. Praise the LORD!