I Praise You

Dumbbell Nebula

What you see is the dumbbell nebula (messier object 42). The more pictures I see of the different parts of the universe, the more I’m in awe of God. While some have tried (..are still trying?) to explain creation by using science, I find quite the opposite happening for me. The more I read science and astronomy, the more I know the God I serve is real.

Astrophotography is something that I have recently gotten interested in mainly because I still haven’t recovered fully from my knee injuries although I know I’m getting better. While my DSLR camera sits and collects dust with my lenses, I’m glad that I can take these snapshots in the comfort of my room without having to wait till midnight or dawn. I do it via remotely controlled telescopes. (Check out iTelescope.net) How addictive it can get, but I have a new appreciation and awareness of God after having taken these photos and seeing for myself.

Additionally, I was suffering from piles for weeks and yet I was so reluctant to tell any family members as I didn’t want them to worry. I was too embarrassed to see the doctor, so I just continued believing that God will heal me. He has healed me. No more pain without medication. The amount of water I drink daily hasn’t changed. Praise God!

Despite the challenges I faced last year, that I’m still overcoming, I praise You, God! For You are a faithful God!





Horsehead Nebula -T5

I’ve seen pictures in Astronomy magazines etc.. but after having having taken the shot myself, I’m just amazed. There’s so much to look at, from clusters to nebulas to galaxies etc… I’m truly humbled!

Indeed, Oh Lord God! You are great. And You are amazing. Such creativity is beyond me. I praise You, Oh God!

Be Still

Have you ever trained a young puppy, or perhaps seen any friend of yours train one? Try going out with your family and leaving the puppy in your living room for one hour. Note: Puppy here means a young untrained dog. Not the newborn.

If you tried that before, you would probably come home to realize that the living room no longer looked the same. Never mind the fact that you may have said “be good, stay still”, there would probably be chunks of paper around and you may even see your puppy chewing on your shoe.

Sometimes I think we are so eager in wanting to take control of the various situations that take place in our lives that we become restless like the puppy. At times, it may even feel as if God isn’t doing anything but I think there are important lessons to be learned during times such as these…when everything seems to be quiet…as though nothing is happening.

Psalm 46:10 (NIV)

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

This morning, as I was pondering upon this verse, I realized that there is a certain kind of rest when we stay still and think about God’s nature.

“Be still” sounds like a command to do nothing but somehow, I think it’s more like a conscious decision to rest in the Lord.

When I was driving home this evening, I noticed the dark clouds moving so fast and not more than 10 minutes after I had left the office, I saw droplets of rain on the windscreen followed by flashes of lightning. The sound of thunder startled me and a thought struck me. Be still. Look around and see the power of God.

Just pause for a while and reflect on His power. Isn’t He awesome? Surely all our problems would disappear when we focus on how great He is. Someone once said to me, “Look at the sun. Then you won’t see the shadows.” Yes. This is a reminder to myself to look at the Son (Jesus), and the shadows will all be behind me.