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Not Missing In Action but Busy

If you’re wondering why I’ve not been writing much, it’s because I’ve been very busy painting. I’m one of the 10-15 people selected by a program (as emerging artists) and working on my 10 pieces of big art works for this project.

I am however thankful that God has opened this door of opportunity for me.


Time Out – Pause – Selah

Whatever you call it, you need it. I know I needed it. I had been running around so much, getting so busy with work (no – I’m not a workaholic) and trying to desperately to find time to pursue my passion in art, and yet still need to carve out time to spend with the Lord. Needless to say, it has been difficult because I found myself adding yet another thing in this plate. I had to find something else in order to escape my busy-ness. After a while, I decided to take a selah moment. Yes. Stop. Pause and spend time with God.

I recently attended Current for Women which was something like a conference but not really. To me, it felt more like a retreat because I needed time with God. I needed a place where I can pause to reflect and worship God. I liked how they had different stations with little booklets to guide you in your reflection. I totally enjoyed the sessions and found other ways of connecting to God. It provided a safe space for me to be myself and worship the Lord.


Have you ever been to a buffet dinner (or lunch) where you end up taking more food than you can consume? Did you sneak the small pieces of butter in your bag? Well – no doubt you paid for the buffet price but have you asked yourself why you’re doing that?

Not that I’ve done that but I’ve been to buffets with people I know. They take big bags to keep the bread or butter inside. I’ve never felt comfortable about it because I find myself asking this question, “Why do you need to sneak in so much extra food? Do you think God cannot provide for you tomorrow?”

What do you think?


Each time I listen to this song, tears would flow naturally.

This evening, I spent some time at the art gallery putting up the price labels on my artworks. I was reminded of what Jesus did for me. The very fact that I will be having my solo art exhibition is evidence enough that God hears and knows the desires of my heart.

The God I serve is leading me closer to my dreams. The God I serve still sees me as valuable even though I’m not worthy. And I remain so thankful…

Strength Comes From Within

Ever had one of those times when everything comes snowballing at you? I had a very bad two weeks when it was like my world was crashing down. There was a moment when I saw lyrics of praise songs but I just could not sing it. It was so difficult. I didn’t know how or what to say in my prayer anymore – and just cried in my car when I was alone. God came through for me on one of my issues yesterday. Praise God.