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Towards The End of 2017

The year is about to wrap up. As someone said before, once September comes, you know the rest of the months will pretty much fly by. He’s so right.

2017 has been a very eventful year in many ways but as it draws to an end, I’m beginning to see how 2018 is going to be a tough and busy year. One thing that doesn’t change is that I need God.

Taking extra work load has caused me to get more headaches, become more grouchy, lose my me time and my painting time. The transition itself drives me crazy and I often say to myself “why is this happening? Why is the person who resigned leaving so much shit behind?” Those questions never end. I can’t understand how someone who is getting a decent pay would not do his/her best. I refuse to believe that he/she doesn’t know how to do his/her work correctly.

It has been so stressful and I not only feel tired but it’s such an effort to not throw shoes at this person. Because of what I go through, I find it impossible to wish this person well. In fact, it draws so much strength of mine just to stop myself from wishing him evil.

This is the worst transition. Ever.



So, it looks like I’ll have to do some adjustments. Points to remember. I need to take better care of my glasses (spectacles). It may be a tiny scratch but oh, it can be so annoying. So, I made a new pair (discounted rate). This time, I included the anti blue-light in this pair. (And, I definitely won’t want to get this scratched.)

I asked the optometrist what causes astigmatism. Apparently, one of the causes is reading something that is brighter than the surrounding light. (eg. Looking at the iPad/iPhone in the dark room.) Or,… in a dim room.

Ok, I need to stop doing that.

Just A Small Potato Among Pumpkins and a Melon

If there was ever a day that I felt really small, it would be yesterday. I had to represent my manager in a meeting. She had told me that not everyone was invited but only a selected group. I agreed to represent her without knowing who else would be there. Thank God who sent someone along my way to guide me to where the meeting room was. It wasn’t even listed in the directory, so the chance meeting with a lady who was walking to her office was indeed a blessing from God. Serendipity!

Psalm 8:4 The Voice (VOICE)

I can’t help but wonder why You care about mortals—
    sons and daughters of men—
    specks of dust floating about the cosmos.

Guess what though… I had to sit among the group of managers, and a senior manager. Hence, that feeling like being a potato among pumpkins and a melon. Everyone’s introduction was like “I am,…… My team is involved in…. ” Mine was different, “I am,… representing….”

Suddenly, (like just a few minutes ago – as I’m writing this post),..a thought struck my head – which I believe came from the Lord. “Why do you focus so much on what you are among others? Focus on Me.” I was reminded of this verse.

Exodus 3:14 New Life Version (NLV)

14 And God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And He said, “Say to the Israelites, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’”

Again…suddenly,.. the realization of being an ambassador of Christ makes me feel so honoured, and special. Suddenly, it doesn’t matter anymore that I never made it to the elite teams in my former schools, and never made it to the dean’s list,… but God loves me…a small potato. Yes, that small potato that sometimes feels like throwing shoes at annoying people at the workplace. God loves me.

2 Corinthians 5:20 Amplified Bible (AMP)

20 So we are Christ’s ambassadors, God making His appeal as it were through us. We [as Christ’s personal representatives] beg you for His sake to lay hold of the divine favor [now offered you] and be reconciled to God.

Jeremiah 1:5 New Living Translation (NLT)

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.
    Before you were born I set you apart
    and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”

Audits Schmaudits

There’s one thing I really hate, and that’s audits. I know, the word “hate” is rather strong, isn’t it? Well, perhaps it’s because I really do detest audits? Every time I receive an email about an upcoming audit, I will get really nervous. It’s not even that I try to do everything wrong. I do know what to do, and when I don’t, there are always the documents to refer to. However, I can’t help the fact that whenever the audits are scheduled, I become such a nervous wreck. It’d be like studying for an exam all over again, but the difference is I get diarrhea and feel nausea when I’m over stressed.

We just had our internal audit recently and I thought I was going to be sick. Somehow although I have read the processes over and over again, my mind draws a blank when I’m nervous.

Oh yes, I prayed about it. I thank God that my prayers were answered. The auditor didn’t ask me any questions. I can finally sleep in peace.

Good night! Yes,.. it is a good good night and one isn’t audited.

Busy Busy Busy Thursday

It’s Friday tomorrow but I still have so much to do. Things would normally settle by Thursday but because of the long weekend followed by the network downtime, everything still has to be completed by tomorrow and time is compressed.

I was so busy today that I forgot to drink most of the water in my tumbler. I had taken some biscuits and was planning to eat them between 3pm to 4pm but I ended up eating them at 4:30pm. Left office at 5:30pm and the traffic was quite bad due to the rain. By the time I reached home, it was quite late. Ended up  working another hour from home. My eyes are so tired and brains feel like they’re fried. I can’t wait for the weekend to start.

Meanwhile, I thank God that although things are already quite crazy and hectic, it’s not worse than it already is. It could’ve been crazier. I just need to keep focusing on God.

Tai Chi and Other Things

Would you agree that it’s difficult to trust the people you work with? The longer I am in the workforce, I find that it gets more and more difficult to trust people. Perhaps that’s why I draw a line between colleagues and friends.

Working life feels like playing ping-pong although there are many players and many ping-pong balls. If you’re unlucky, you have many balls flying towards you. Is it human nature to want a handsome pay and yet do the least possible for it?

A colleague of mine was trying to teach me the art of “tai chi”. “You’re too straight,” she said to me on Friday. It seemed that each time I tell her that my portfolio is increasing, she’d comment that I should tell my boss that it should be given to someone else. But who am I to tell the boss who she should assign more responsibilities to? I was reminded that if I don’t start defending myself and start using the “tai chi” skills, I would end up getting more and more things to do.

Perhaps I don’t feel like I need to defend myself because God will defend me. I believe that God has great plans for me. I just need to abide in Him. But they just don’t seem to understand.

Psalm 18:2

King James Version (KJV)

The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.