He Listens

Hearing and listening are two different things, as I’ve known. When someone hears you speak, it doesn’t mean that he/she is listening. But I’m sure glad I serve a God who listens.

Yesterday, I had to go out somewhere and I couldn’t find a parking lot so I had to park in the alley. The problem is I couldn’t drive straight through because there were cars parked in front. Yet I knew it was going to be difficult reversing my way because there are other cars parked along the way too. Still, I had to get to my destination. As I walked to my destination, I started to worry. I started having many thoughts, eg. Maybe I need to leave my car overnight and take a cab home, maybe I will scrape my car (or other cars) while trying to reverse my way out. So, I prayed while I walked.

On my way back to my car, I realized I had not taken down the name of the road where that specific alley was. Hence, I couldn’t find my car for a while. I got even more worried when the dark clouds started to come in. I prayed to God and asked that He holds back the rain. Then I heard the still, small voice speaking to me, telling me to ask someone to guide me as I reversed. I didn’t know how that was possible as there were only 2 men and there were painting the wall quite high up.

When I finally found my car, I saw several workers standing on the ground and one of them was about to leave. Thankfully he was willing to help.

Psalm 34:17 The Message (MSG)

17 Is anyone crying for help? God is listening,
ready to rescue you.



When Paths Crossed

In a span of 4 days, I met my cousin whom I have not seen since he was a toddler. I also met my second cousin, whom I have never met in my life although I’ve met her father about two decades ago. As usual, meeting relatives mean that one has to prepare for a barrage of questions pertaining one’s marital status. At least it’s true in most of the meetings I’m a part of.

So, my parents had a good time chatting with my 1st cousin (once removed) and I enjoyed listening to their old stories. I address him as “uncle”. Then the taboo question came.

“And you? Are you married?”

“No,” I said.

Then, the assumption was that because I attend church, there should be many potential suitors in church. I almost choked in my reply. So, they kept talking about their grandchildren and about some of my nephews & nieces who are of mix-parentage, and my second cousin’s children (also mix-parentage). They came to the conclusion that offsprings from mix-parentage are smarter. A pair of eyes looked at me. “Let that be a lesson for you. Think about it.” For a moment, I thought,…now,…if you could bring Legolas (yes – Legolas. Not Orlando Bloom) out from the book into reality, I just may propose to him. But having kids post 40 is a no no. Then i thought, maybe my first cousin didn’t know that I’m past 40.

After lunch at the hotel, I was reminded about changing my marital status. “But uncle,..I’m in love with a fictional character. Where can you find someone like Legolas?” I almost wanted to say, but kept it inside.

I can just imagine an ad sounding like this, “seeks long blonde elf who is armed with a bow and arrows and carries a knife. Also called the prince of Mirkwood.” I’m joking of course.  Sometimes, the only way to treat those pressures is to joke about it.




Seoul…And the Crazy Conversation on Sunday

I have to admit that it helps to have a few crazy friends. They help to lighten up the day and life certainly gets more interesting.

So, I told one of my church buddies that I’m so excited about visiting South Korea in late March next year. I said I don’t know why, but I feel like my heart has already left although the actual trip is still 3 months away. What I found so funny was her reaction to my statement. “I tell you, if you find someone there, or meet a man there,.. marry him.” I had to clarify to her that I’m not making a trip there to look for a life partner, but to have a good time. If I had planned to meet someone there, I would have to be away for at least 1 year. Then her response to me was that sometimes it’s a divine appointment. Then she said, “Imagine meeting Hyun Bin.” Hmm…. I guess women of various age are attracted to him. I suppose it would make my trip memorable if I ended up sitting next to a celebrity in my KTX trip to Busan. Then again, if they were making that much money, they wouldn’t be taking the KTX but would fly instead.


Just Enough Light

Sometime I need to remind myself that it’s impossible to know everything before making any decision. There’s always an element of “risk” involved – and this is so true in my full time job. Sometimes I get annoyed when people keep asking for additional information when I need their approvals to get an order through.

I’m reminded that, it’s so much like myself, wanting clear and full revelation before taking the step forward. And of course, God doesn’t show the blue print of my life to me. I guess He has His own reasons to withhold certain information for a certain time. An example would be my encounter with the cockroach last night. I had just enough light to walk to the washroom without running into any furniture along my path. (I was probably just too lazy to switch on the living room lights.) I switched on the washroom lights, only after I had stepped into the washroom. Guess what! There was a cockroach in the entrance and I didn’t even know. If the lights were on earlier, I probably would’ve not wanted to go into the washroom downstairs. It would’ve made me walk up the stairs to go to the other washroom but I suppose what you don’t know, and don’t see… won’t scare you.

Many times, we just have to close our eyes or let God blindfold us and lead us by the hand, because seeing the steep cliff along the way may slow us down along the way.

Psalm 91: 2

I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

“Chimpanzee” In The Office

Ever had one of those moments when you’re sitting at the office and start to feel sleepy…to the extent that you’re seeing doubles? What do you do? Coffee doesn’t really help because it takes some time for the caffeine to kick in.

Sometimes, I read some of the latest news using Zite on my iPhone. Yesterday, I came across an interesting app where if you uploaded your picture, it would show you which celebrity you look like. No harm to it, I thought. So I uploaded one of my closeup photos. Guess what the result was! Paris Hilton. I couldn’t accept it. (Still can’t. Naturally I prefer to resemble one of my favourite actresses.) So, I tried it again. Hit the upload photo and not long after that – the face of a chimpanzee appeared and obviously, it came with sound effects. What else? My earpods weren’t plugged in. The “chimpanzee” was screaming. I quickly pushed the “mute” button but hello…Apple,..why doesn’t the Mute button do its mute magic.? Why? (I realize too, that Mute doesn’t work when you’re playing YouTube on the iPhone. But why?)

So…the sound attracted some attention. A few of the girls looked towards my direction but oh, I had to stay calm. Yes, put on the poker face. Everything’s under control… or at least it had to appear that way.

No more celebrity lookalike apps now… Beware the chimp! On the bright side – it really woke me up.


When The Unexpected Happens

Just this morning when I was on my way to the office, I told myself I was going to make the best out of the situation I’m in. I definitely wasn’t happy about it but I chose to believe that it was going to work out for me. I didn’t know how that was going to happen but I was determined not to let anyone ruin my travel plans anymore. In fact, I was ready to purchase my flight tickets but I held on. Then the unexpected happened. It was bad news for the taichi queen, but it was good news to me. Hence, it’s full steam ahead for my Spring vacation. I even had a dream that I took Cathay Pacific to Seoul and saw Hyun Bin in the plane. (No, it’s not the food. I’m sure it’s because of the korean series marathon.) Now taking a short break…