About Photographs

I used to go out every weekend, accompanied by my hot dates a.k.a cameras (plural). Photography was one of my passions because it was like capturing moments, and some are special moments although most of the photos I took were of mountains, seas, city scenes, still life etc… On rare occasions, I take photos of people including my crushes. This song reminds me of the reason why I still keep their photos. Cos somewhere deep inside, there’s still a special place for them.


Old Memories

Suddenly I’m reminded of the old days, the broken hearts…hence, this is my song today. The lyrics don’t match the situation but yeah,… many times I’ve always been the one on the “outside”.

How Do You Celebrate Chinese New Year?

So, today is the eve of the Chinese New Year. I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic. Many years ago, we used to have our family reunion dinner but times have changed. My siblings and I have grown up, and not only that we’re all living in different countries. They have their own Chinese New Year traditions. Of course, it’s a tad different since one of my sisters is married to a Caucasian. Nevertheless, her wonderful in-laws celebrate the reunion dinner with her. I’m blessed to still be living at home, enjoying my mother’s cooking. It’s just the comfortable 3 of us so it’s a quiet dinner. We don’t go out for expensive dinners since my dad has back problems and it’s difficult for him to walk far, and he can’t sit too long either. But God has been with us, and still is with us. For that we are thankful.

After 26 Years – Does The Heart Ever Learn?

Just a few days ago, I wrote about my foolish heart. 

After 26 years, …

I don’t know why a part of me still longs to see how he looks like in person today.

I don’t know why I still remember his birthday.

I think I would be happy if I could just see him once, even if I have to stand afar, just to know how he’s doing.

Why is the past so tangled up?

The Library, The Cute Guy & the hearse

My mind did some traveling today and I visited my days in the college. I was sitting for the South Australian Matriculation exam that year. I recall today that one of my favourite subjects was ESL. We had to do a research and I met a really cute guy at the library. I was actually impressed because although he was a former student in a chinese school, he spoke in good English. My friends were curious about him because he was different from the rest. He wore moccasins to college and I remember his goatee.
We exchanged numbers and very soon we had long marathon conversations on the phone (no mobile phones then).

One day, he asked if I wanted to go to the library with him. (The state university library and not the college library.) So I wanted to go, but there was a catch. He said I would need to pick him up and drive to the library. Guess what! My parents back then wasn’t eager about letting me use the family’s car. So I guess the alternative would be to get him to drive us there. That didn’t work out either.

He did say that there was another option, which was the hearse. You see, his family ran a business, not just any business. A casket company. And…nope, I wasn’t going to get in the hearse. Not yet anyway.

And that’s why the library ‘date’ didn’t happen. But he’s really a nice guy. I bet he’s a doctor somewhere. CSJ,… If you read this, drop me a line…it would be nice to catch up.

Memories in August

Here we are in August,… again. So, the memories come flying by,..again.

I’ve been thinking of paying him a visit. It’s been some time I visited the Western Road cemetery. It’s actually quite a beautiful and peaceful place but,..let’s be honest. Nobody likes walking to the cemetery, at least I don’t know anyone who does. I definitely don’t.

By the 24th of August this year, it would be exactly 3 years since he passed away but the memories live on. I still miss this friend of mine, who is like a brother. He has taught me so much about photography and it is because of him that I fell in love with products from Apple. I still remember the night he brought his Macbook Pro and showed me all the things it can do. By the end of our meeting, I knew I had to get myself a Macbook Pro. He was so generous in sharing his knowledge and even loaned me his telephoto lens (70-200mm), and a very humble man. If you had a chance to know him, you would’ve found him to be a very good friend too.

Rest in peace, TC.