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The Rude Driver

Today could’ve been my typical Wednesday but it didn’t happen that way. On my way home, someone hit the back of my car. And to make matters worse, he didn’t bother to stop at the side of the road to check the condition of my car. I motioned to him to get to the  nearest petrol station. For a while, he seemed to follow but he drove off. (I even have a picture of his car and his car registration number. I had a good look at his face as well. He was sitting next to a lady who’s also wearing spectacles. He looks like he’s in his 30s and the lady, probably late 20s. When I honked, they refused to look my way initially. When she did, she hurriedly looked to the front and ignored. So now, there’re some scratches at the back of my car and a tiny hole.

So, to the owner of that driver, I do have your car registration number in the photo. And there’s even a “P” sticker on your car. The fact that I didn’t go to the police station to report you doesn’t mean you are in the right. It saves me the hassle of claiming from your insurance and the saves me from the inconvenience of being car-less if I send the car for repair. You really do not deserve a car. If you had paid attention, that “accident” wouldn’t have happened as my car was stationary and so were the other cars in front of me.  After what you did to my car, I don’t have the mood to bless you. In my mind, I visualise you facing a series of flat tyres (plural) incidents every time you speed until you know it’s totally uncool to hit and run.



Distractions and ‘distractions’

Distractions. There are two kinds. Why two? One which you allow, and the other that just happens – even when you don’t want it to.

I’ve been busy trying to pick up the Korean language (reading, writing and speaking). The speaking part is difficult. Then, there’s the artworks which have been neglected because visitors keep coming (distractions of the other kind) and having to reorganize the room etc…Can’t help feeling tired and lazy to organize the room back to the way it was before the visitors came.

I wish there are 48 hours in a day but only 9 hours at the workplace (with the usual 1 hour lunch break). Then I have more time for the planned distractions and dreams.

Taken for granted

If you are staying over at a relative’s place because you want to save on accommodation costs, here are some ways that you can really annoy them. (Yes, I’m being sarcastic.) In other words, please don’t do this.

  1. Invisible Maids (You can’t see them, but somehow the junk you left on the table, and mugs you use etc gets cleared up miraculously. You wonder if there are elves or maids…. You do it again and again because it seems the place seems to be magical… ) Get Real. Since you’re not paying for your stay and it’s totally out of the generosity of the host, please out of respect, wash the utensils/mugs etc after using; unless specifically asked by the host to leave it. Don’t assume that you are entitled to maid service that’s free of charge whereby the hosts have to act as maid and wash the mugs, utensils etc…
  2. More About The Invisible Maids (So, you can’t see the maids, so you decide to drink. Perhaps when you’re drunk, you can actually encounter one.) Hello??? Done with your beer for the night – and last one to leave the living room – please bring your empty beer cans to the kitchen and switch off the lights.
  3. Free Electricity, eh? You’re not paying for the electricity bill, please swicth off the fan when you’ve left the room.
  4. Hogging The Washroom (You want to reserve the washroom so you close the door to leave people wondering if there’s anyone in there. Heck! That way, when you need to use the washroom, you will know for sure that nobody is in the washroom.) Just leave the door of the washroom open once you’re done. You are at the host’s place, leave it the way it is – at the host’s place.


So, I’ve been watching this Kdrama called “She was pretty”. This is one of the songs in the soundtrack of the drama. I love this song.

After having seen several dramas, I have this one big question. Why is it that the “first love” is usually the bestfriend in childhood?

Anyway, Hye Jin initially asked a favour from her close friend Ha Ri to pretend to be her because (I guess), she wasn’t confident enough to meet Sung Joon who has grown up to be a handsome young man. She didn’t see herself “pretty” enough. Of course, things got complicated because Ha Ri started to fall in love with Sung Joon and was sort of seeing him behind her back, still pretending to be Hye Jin. Meanwhile Sung Joon thought he was dating Hye Jin when he was pretty much being quite mean to the real Hye Jin at the work place. Anyway, there are 3 more episodes if you want to catch the series.

I had a thought when I was listening to the music. isn’t it painful to long for that person whom you know is out there, and yet you don’t know where. So, you search and search and when you think you’ve found him/her,… you realize that the one you found wasn’t really the one you were looking for. And perhaps some part of you even try to convince yourself that he/she’s the one because in a way, you’re tired of looking but you can’t deny the fact that he/she is more like a stranger to you.

My Top 5 Fictional Character Crush

In random order, here are my favourite fictional characters. They’re definitely not perfect but they’re many times better than any of the guys that I’ve liked before.

  1. Mr. Darcy – Of course, everyone likes him. (Most ladies especially fans of Pride & Prejudice). He’s such a gentleman (swoon)…. before I get weak, I better get to the others in the list.
  2. Legolas – Yes, he sure is beautiful. I remember once telling my friend that I would never date a guy that has long hair…but Legolas is an exception. (This is a matter of preference.) Why do I like that character? Perhaps because of that protective side of him. Remember Tauriel? How she had left and he went after her…
  3. Howl – I guess he can be so dramatic when it comes to his hair but he is one charming bloke for sure. If you saw the movie version of Howl’s Moving Castle, one of my favourite scenes is Howl & Sophie’s walk in the clouds and the scene at the garden of flowers. Half wizard, half gentleman.
  4. Shota Kazehaya – This character is from the Japanese anime series “Kini Ni Todoke”. What I like about him is that he was able to see the side of Sawako that nobody else in school saw. He was generally friendly to her when everyone else was mean.
  5. Yun Ji Hu from Boys Over Flowers – Of course the more famous character in that series was Gu Jun Pyo (played by Lee Min Ho); but again – it’s how Ji Hu was always very protective towards Geum Jan Di. (Especially that episode where she was overworked and she fainted.)

The Morning Coffee, the Ashes and the Scrape

I still have much to learn about paying attention to the stillsmall voice. Yes, I should’ve listened to the voice that urged me to head straight to work and forget about getting my “much deserved” coffee because I’ve been having an incredibly tough and long week with so much work and….DEADLINES!

So, I happily drove to order my coffee at the drivethru, made that suicidal right turn and it happened. Of course, I’m still beating myself about it. What’s worse is when I get home, I’ll be reprimanded…although it’s my car, and my money. If I can help it, I don’t want to send it for repair because it will be costly. 

 Of course, it hasn’t been a fantastic morning either since we woke up seeing a pile of ashes in our compound. They were ashes from the burnt offering last night. My neighbour happens to have a bad habit of burning the stuff almost in front of our house, and so the ashes will reach our compound whenever the wind blows.