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What if …

What if you find out you have a condition whereby there’s no specific medical cure? And while it’s not life-threatening, it’s still not a nice thing to have. And, nobody really knows the specific cause for it while many have speculated that it’s genetics related. Others claim that certain food is the culprit, but there’s no evidence that both are related.

Here’s a mixture I prepared based on some of the articles I’ve read online. (Mixture: castor oil and turmeric powder). Here’s hoping that this would be the cure. Fingers crossed that some fine doctor will discover a medical cure for lipoma (not surgery).




The Hospital 

I wasn’t stressed before I went to see the doctor, but now that I’ve seen the doctor, I am feeling more stress. Even more so, after the suggestion to see the specialist for consultation. Although I can’t elaborate on why i need to see the specialist, the result could change my future…some of the changes could be good but could be bad too, depending on one’s perspective. 

Although I’m not looking forward to going to see the specialist, I don’t think I should continue to wait. 

Oh Tuesday…..

4 Panadols and 4 Medicated Plasters Later

It seems like it’s easier to resolve the stiff neck issue with muscle relaxants, panadols and medicated plasters. Anyway, I’m glad that I’m finally able to sleep a little better now. At the same time I wonder if I should go back to the massage house since I will be sore for about two days before things start to get better.

All things considered, at least I won’t have the stiff neck problems on Christmas day.

60 cm Gliding In Water

So, I missed my swimming lesson last weekend when I fell sick. Today I was given a “free” lesson because my instructor had forgotten to let me know that there was no class today. I was fortunate that the other instructor was around. It’s strange that after a two week gap, it felt like I was back in Lesson 1 where the fear was there again. Today, I was taught to glide to the front. At 60cm away, it was quite easy and felt safe but when I was standing a little further, I panicked and breathed in water because I couldn’t feel the wall. To cut the story short, I choked. It seems that it will take me a longer time to build that confidence in the water. Hence, I will be needing practise. When I look at the other guy doing breaststroke, I was like, “why does it look so easy?” and I’m here trying hard to shake off that fear and submerge my head in the water. My nose seems to naturally want to breathe in water. I need to practise, practise, practise but only if there’s a lifeguard around.

Unplanned Silence

So, I’ve been somewhat silent for the past week and I have a valid reason for that. My local Internet Service Provider is still unable to fix the connection. I think by now, I have given up on them. Shouldn’t Streamyx just be called “Screamyx”?

I’m tired of being asked to unplug the modem, re-plug the modem, restart the modem. Why do they always think it’s the modem’s fault? In fact I’ve already brought the modem to the shop and was told that there’s no problem with my device. It’s been 3 weeks, I might as well just forget about them fixing the issue.

They close the ticket without having resolved the issue. The moment they think they’ve resolved it, they close it without verifying with the customers. I have so many ticket numbers by now, linking to the same existing issue. If they’re using that as a measurement, it’s definitely giving the wrong information. It will just show that they’re fast at closing tickets, but the truth is, they take forever in resolving issues.

Escalations mean nothing anymore because truth be told, customers don’t know where the issue is escalated to. In the end, all we get is empty promises. Technicians never called. Never visited. Tickets closed. Issues open.

One more week is all I will give them. At the moment, even the wireless broadband with fluctuating signals is better than having no connection and being given the runaround.

Life would probably be better and less stressful without having to keep calling the TM helpdesk. Swimming lesson tomorrow is postponed because yours truly is ill now, due to stress.