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Demand and Supply

Working in the field of supply chain has taught me that what we expect about demand and supply never happens almost all the time. It’s always easier to believe the theory but really, who would know that the so called strategy in winning over deals only work in theory.

I learned something about God’s provision a week ago, at the art studio. While chatting with my teacher, I casually brought up the subject of the upcoming art competition. I wasn’t even thinking of joining. In fact, I wanted to say that I wasn’t certain about it. The next thing I knew, my teacher asked if I brought a big canvas. When I said no, she started looking around in her studio and gave me a canvas. It was a used canvas but nevertheless, it can be used. So she started guiding me and I spent hours painting on the canvas and thoughts started dropping in my head.

When God orders you to do something, He will back you up. In my case, it could be joining the competition or simply doing that big art work for my solo exhibition. The point is, He will supply my needs.

Philippians 4:19 King James Version (KJV)

19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

How He supplies our needs is up to Him. I might have been looking for a big white canvas but He supplied me with a big used canvas. In my eyes, I might not have been able to know that the used canvas can still be worked on. But God sees everything (and everyone). Similarly, I think we sometimes have the tendency to label a person useless or hopeless in the sense that we can’t see any redeemable quality in him/her but the Lord sees their heart.

1 Samuel 16:7 English Standard Version (ESV)

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”



The Right Timing

Ecclesiastes 3:1 New King James Version (NKJV)

Everything Has Its Time

To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:

The message delivered by  my pastor yesterday spoke to my soul. For the past few days, I’ve been thinking, perhaps I should have done this or that earlier and not wait till now. Perhaps I’ve missed out on some things because of decisions of the past. But I’m glad that I am serving a living God.

I recall those times when I was in a way, being pushed to acquire a property, the anguish I went through, sleepless nights wondering how I would be able to come up with the figure for the downpayment etc… and how I was going to stretch my finances to be able to cover for my finances. Somehow, it all felt wrong and out of time. Praise the Lord that my earthly father said no. After seeking God about it, I made my decision to wait. It sounded ridiculous to many back then. The price of real estate kept going up, obviously faster than my own salary, and I got older too. But God knew what He’s doing. Sometimes it is really difficult to see the truth when one is clouded by facts.

Then the number of affordable housing projects increased. Even so, I decided to wait…I’m almost done with the car loan. Suddenly, my friend suggested that I take a look at one of the upcoming projects – which I did. I was a bit worried about it being leasehold initially so I pushed it behind my mind. Saw a few other projects and they didn’t feel right. Finally, I went back to the one recommended by my friend. It felt right. Did the math and found that I can afford the downpayment and the location is right too. Even the colour theme is so right. (White and Blue)

2 Peter 3:8 New King James Version (NKJV)

But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

 He knew even then that this project would come up and so I was to wait. And I thank God that I waited. And, what we may take years to do, God can turn make it happen in just 1 day.

Moving according to the timing of God is much better than rushing in at your own timing, relying on your own limited wisdom.

Hold The Dream

I’ve had dreams whereby I saw myself pregnant. Of course, all this is symbolic since I’m probably born without maternal instinct. (Grin) I don’t have a tendency to go all gooey when I see little children and babies. I know many of my friends (women) who are married just melt when they see babies. I think I’ll melt when I see dogs and puppies.

I was told that seeing pregnancy in dreams could mean that one is pregnant with a dream/ministry ; and that in the right time, the baby (the dream) will emerge. So, what I must be going through must be what’s equivalent to “birth pangs”; or when the baby is getting too heavy that you just want to give birth to that dream so that it will no longer be a burden. (When I say “burden”, it’s more like that feeling when you know that something is meant to happen but you still hold it in, fearing failure.) But you know that labour has begun. Perhaps that’s the season I’m in… Labour because giving birth to that dream will take work.

Once again, I feel that old dream (slightly modified) come alive, and I’m not sure I can put it away again. Maybe because it’s about time. I’m still praying for clear direction and guidance from God.

Off topic, I think the flame in that torch I’ve been holding has finally died today. Time to put the torch away too.

The Test

I suppose it should be no secret that we still get tested, or allowed to be tested. I may be in a season of testing. You know the feeling when something inside you tells you that a few people whom you know could be heading towards promotion. Oh, those mixed feelings. Yes, I honestly don’t mind the extra income which comes with the promotion but I’ve never been a rat-race runner. I’m not a person hungry for power, and looking back, if I had not gone to Waterloo for Mathematics (or Computer Science..originally), I would’ve stayed back and taken up music. I probably would be a music teacher and might have been contented that way. But it didn’t happen that way, so, I am still heavily slanted towards music, art and writing. I felt as though I had this question thrown at me which I needed to answer honestly. “How do you feel if they got promoted and you didn’t?” – For a while, I have to say there’s a slight jealousy in my heart. But it’s not because of the role that could be higher than mine. Instead it’s because of the current outlook of the economy, the poor job market etc…which means I still struggle in believing that will take care of me. I was reminded of my experience in KL, where God provided me a banana (through a stranger) and how that showed just how real He is, and that He knows what I need before I even say it. I need to consciously remind myself that God can be trusted. He will be my supply.

Philippians 4:19 King James Version (KJV)

19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

My other weakness is the constant longing to be appreciated. I am reminded that even when others may not see or appreciate what I do, God sees. Only He can make my life whole.

Matthew 6:33 Amplified Bible (AMP)

33 But seek ([a]aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness ([b]His way of doing and being right), and then all these things [c]taken together will be given you besides.

Riding On The Roller Coaster

When was the last time you took the roller coaster? My first (and last) ride on the roller coaster was in Disney World, Florida. Until today, I still can’t believe that I actually rode the Kumba with my sister and brother in-law. I remember how it felt like, knowing that there’s no way out, once everyone was “buckled up”. Of course, my sister and my brother in-law were excited to bits. I was trying to calm down. I think my eyes were closed most of the time but when they were open, so was my mouth and the scream that left it. They said that screaming would help lessen the fear. Really? ‘cos I came out of the ride wondering where I left my stomach.

But I think the real roller coaster is life itself with its unpredictable highs and lows. Sometimes when I read the news, I just wonder how it would’ve been like if I had the opportunity to stay back in Canada. How much of a difference would it have made? I think about my friend who has passed on, and what he would have done if he’s still alive today. Maybe he would’ve been a really famous photographer.

As my colleagues talk about their kids, I talk about my nieces and nephews; and I wondered if I would’ve gotten married if I stayed back in Canada. Perhaps, the chances would have been higher there. But perhaps God knew all along that I never had the maternal instinct that makes women all gooey at the sight of babies. I probably get that way towards puppies but not babies. Even the girl whom I know when she was a teen, said that she wanted to be my flower girl or maid of honour if I got married… Today, she has her own son.

I think what got me thinking of the what ifs was news of Jonathan Crombie’s passing. Those of you who watched the Anne of Green Gables series would know him as the boy next door “Gilbert Blythe”…

He’s just 48. I’m not that far away from that number myself. I’m beginning to enjoy smelling the roses more often. Many times, it’s the little things in life that are special.

Ecclesiastes 1:2-4New Living Translation (NLT)

Everything Is Meaningless

“Everything is meaningless,” says the Teacher, “completely meaningless!”

What do people get for all their hard work under the sun? Generations come and generations go, but the earth never changes.



I was in a play once – when I was in pre-school. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Guess who I was…. drumroll….  the narrator. Hah! I was telling stories even back then.

It just dawned on me that many of us (myself included) have been rehearsing, not in plays but in this big drama called life. The still, small voice that I depend on,…told me this morning that I have been rehearsing on the wrong things. You see,..a small group of us were given a piece of news yesterday which somehow killed our appetites and dampened our spirits. Then  every time another friend asked about how the day was, there I was – rehearsing the bad news and what I’m expecting after this organization change.

This morning, after calling my supplier, I felt God ask me to stop rehearsing the bad lines. Rehearse by speaking what is the truth because facts are subject to change.

John 15:7 King James Version (KJV)

If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

And I shall sought the Lord for favour.