Towards The End of 2017

The year is about to wrap up. As someone said before, once September comes, you know the rest of the months will pretty much fly by. He’s so right.

2017 has been a very eventful year in many ways but as it draws to an end, I’m beginning to see how 2018 is going to be a tough and busy year. One thing that doesn’t change is that I need God.

Taking extra work load has caused me to get more headaches, become more grouchy, lose my me time and my painting time. The transition itself drives me crazy and I often say to myself “why is this happening? Why is the person who resigned leaving so much shit behind?” Those questions never end. I can’t understand how someone who is getting a decent pay would not do his/her best. I refuse to believe that he/she doesn’t know how to do his/her work correctly.

It has been so stressful and I not only feel tired but it’s such an effort to not throw shoes at this person. Because of what I go through, I find it impossible to wish this person well. In fact, it draws so much strength of mine just to stop myself from wishing him evil.

This is the worst transition. Ever.



Have you ever been to a buffet dinner (or lunch) where you end up taking more food than you can consume? Did you sneak the small pieces of butter in your bag? Well – no doubt you paid for the buffet price but have you asked yourself why you’re doing that?

Not that I’ve done that but I’ve been to buffets with people I know. They take big bags to keep the bread or butter inside. I’ve never felt comfortable about it because I find myself asking this question, “Why do you need to sneak in so much extra food? Do you think God cannot provide for you tomorrow?”

What do you think?