That Odd Subject

While painting at the gallery, my teacher ended up talking about the subject I dread hearing about. Marriage.

I don’t believe that as women, if we’re not married by the time we reach early 40s, we should just accept practically anyone who walks in our lives that show interest in us. Anyhow, I know that if I meet him, I will know it; and he will know it too.

I still believe that my life partner, if there is one, will be someone who shares the same faith and therefore runs the same race. He should have his own dreams but if his dreams hinder mine, then we’re not equally yoked. Plus there should be at least some attraction – after all, you will be waking up next to the person pretty much every day.  She mentioned about children as companions when we grow old. Well, I don’t believe that too because even if I got married and had kids, they’re to have their own lives. I don’t expect them to hold back on their dreams to “look after me” because God will look after me.

At the end of the conversation, I said I preferred puppies.