Before I Get Older

So, tomorrow I’ll be celebrating my birthday. By now, I’m not sure if there’s much to celebrate since as we get older,.. naturally our metabolism slows down and we get aches and pains etc…

I hope I remember to number my days and use it wisely. After all, time is the most expensive commodity. Time that’s lost can never be earned.

Earlier today, I was asked what made me decide not to get married. I wasn’t sure what to answer since I didn’t make the decision. But I didn’t want to told that I’m picky. Then again, I am picky. By that, I mean, if I get married, he is a man who shares the same faith. He has to be a man after God’s own heart.

So tomorrow as I get a year older, (and hopefully wiser)… I’m still unmarried but God is still faithful to me. And I look forward to His return. Till then, I will pursue the dreams He planted in my heart.