Dr. Strange – Layman’s Review

An enjoyable Monday is one that you don’t wake up rushing to get to work and you don’t spend hours staring at Excel spreadsheets and the dull Oracle screen. Today, I spent my morning at the cinema. Thank you, TGV for the free ticket. Well, not exactly free since I’ve seen so many movies at TGV. Anyway, I’m glad to have signed up for the Movie Club membership. (Ah! Free advertising…)

Anyway, now to talk about Dr. Strange. I really enjoyed the movie and the humorous dialogue. The effects were fantastic although I wouldn’t recommend watching it in 3D. At least I don’t think I will be able to take it.

Lots of action and laughter. I think my favourite scene was when he was at Karma Taj and he was given a slip of paper. What he (Dr. Strange)  thought was a mantra (for meditation) turns out to be the wifi password.

I guess after this movie, I’ve become a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch.