Review: After You

For me, it was hard not to want to read After You (by Jojo Moyes) because a part of me wanted closure for Louisa Clark. It’s obvious that there will always be a space for Will in her heart but I wanted to read about how she deals with that raw pain. I wanted to see her moving on this book wasn’t what I had expected. (SPOILER ALERT)

It’s the ups and downs, like wanting to move on but perhaps keeping one foot in the past. It made me wonder if she’s afraid that moving on would make her remember less and less of Will. And there’s that part of her that still wants to hold on to every part of his memory.

I think this book is ok as a standalone although it doesn’t give much  of a punch. Of course, Sam Claflin is very handsome and thus makes the character Will even more unforgettable. Somehow the new character Lily (Will’s daughter) somehow spoils everything for me. But I guess he did say he was a complete arse.

For me, I don’t think you really see Lou moving on, until towards the end – where she heads off to New York. Of course, there’s Nathan there too – so, there’s still a little bit of the past in her future. I can’t see a sequel after this.