Of Tunnels, Bridges, LRTs, Monorails,Trams….etc

It’s indeed so true – the saying about how one just can’t please everyone. When I was in my mid-teens, I told my godfather that I wanted to in a post where I can make decisions to make my homeland a better place (regardless of race and religion). Looking back, I wonder what got into my head. Yes, I want my my homeland (country) to be a better country, and forever excelling ahead, but oh,… the fact that everyone has different dreams and hopes.

There’s a group of people who visualise Penang as the ideal place to retire. In other words, they’re seeking tranquility, slow pace in life etc… Obviously they’re not happy with the condominiums sprouting up here and there.

Another group which my friend and I nickname (treehuggers). My friend herself is a treehugger. She majored in environmental studies at university and literally showed me a picture of her hugging a tree. (Hence, the nickname “treehugger”.) They’re upset because of the “botak hill” situation and upset about the plans to reclaim the land etc…

Yet another group that is supportive of whatever the plans are – to go ahead. Yes to the Gurney Wharf, yes to the tunnel, LRT etc…

Then, the next group that is so against the LRT and monorail and keeps urging to use trams instead. I know they have their reasons but I’m trying not to write a long piece and it seems to be getting longer.

Let’s not forget the pro-cycling group. I’m not going into that because of my own reasons. Yes, I don’t cycle and I’m ok with it. The only bicycle I’d get on is in the gym, thank you.

Anyway, at the end of the day, it seems like each one thinks he or she is right. And yeah, I have my views too but they don’t belong to any of the above. I’d better not write it out, just in case I start getting poison emails. 

Do I believe in widening the roads? Yup. (I’m not totally into the tram idea because from what I’ve seen in movies etc… They’re kinda slow. Unless you’re talking about only the heritage area cos then, maybe the tourists would be using it.) But I can’t see how a tram can share the road with the current traffic etc…unless the road is widened. 

Will I use the monorail or LRT? In the future, maybe…depending on how convenient and connected the routes are and of course,…the accuracy and the timing. I was in Seoul and Busan and had no problems with the subway. I took public buses when I was in Waterloo, Canada. (I appreciated how on time they were. There’s a pamphlet you can take which showed you the routes and the estimated ETA. How cool is that? ) 

I’m not going to talk about the cable car. I’m afraid of heights anyway.

But back to the topic, I’m so glad I never pursued that dream I had as a teen. It would be impossible to please everyone. If you win some votes, you definitely would lose some others.  



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