And the melody came…

Yesterday after my quiet time, a melody came to me. It didn’t come at a convenient time as I was drying my hair. I recall the only words that came when the melody played in my head were “I surrender all”. When my hair was dry enough, I hurried to the piano and grabbed the recorder. So, I recorded that melody with mistakes here and there when I couldn’t find the correct key that matched the tune in my head. Of course, after everything, I’m stuck with the same situation. What am I going to do with that composition/draft? I have no qualification in music, the theory I picked up took place in university. I can’t even transcribe well. The person who may be able to help me is unreacheable by me. The person who’s within an arm’s reach whom I see every Sunday at church could only give me opinions like “not bad” or “okay”… Here’s hoping God would send me the right person who can help me out and really turn this into a piece of music that’s actually “playable” and not sounding funny after I transcribed it with my 10% knowledge in music theory.


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