She Was Pretty (Review) -MBC

I’ve been watching Korean dramas for several years and I don’t come across many dramas (romantic comedy) that catch my attention except Fated To Love You, Full House, My Lovely Samsoon, Boys Over Flowers and now … She Was Pretty. I heard that it’s also called “She Was Beautiful”.

The leading actors were truly amazing.  I’ve seen other dramas where Hwang Jung Eum plays the female lead and she’s really quite versatile, if that’s the right word to use. I’ve seen her in all seriousness (lawyer Seo In Ae in Endless Love). So, this was totally refreshing. I’ve not seen her so goofy and clumsy.

2015-11-12 07.30.59 pm

Choi Si Won – when the teeny boppers were probably screaming his name, I was waiting for another Bae Yong Joon drama. I didn’t know that the character Kim Shin Hyuk was played by Choi Si Won. I really adore the character Kim Shin Hyuk and at times I wonder if Choi Si Won himself is like the character he plays. Because of Kim Shin Hyuk, I will never look at pickled radishes the same way again.

I can’t comment much on Park Seo Joon and Go Joon Hee since they are quite new (for me).

I will never look at pickled radishes the same way again
I will never look at pickled radishes the same way again

I enjoyed the series but I don’t appreciate the ending and was actually quite disappointed. I do get it that Hye Jin and Sung Joon will ultimately end up together. (The poster already tells you so.) However, I feel like almost there’s a closure for many of the characters… except Shin Hyuk – who happens to be my favourite character.

What you read below would be an alternate ending I would write out….

The long distance relationship between Hye Jin & Sung Joon felt unreal and too easy. Yes, I know that in the end, he couldn’t wait for an entire year but I think it would’ve been better if the one year period actually happens and she really gets to focus on her work. In the midst of that, Shin Hyuk returns from his travels. They meet. Shin Hyuk naturally still loves Hye Jin but he doesn’t cling to her. Hye Jin would begin to have doubts – wondering if she made the right decision. Suddenly she feels close to Shin Hyuk because both of them are writers. She’s afraid of telling Sung Joon her doubts. When Sung Joon finds out Shin Hyuk is back, he gets worried and comes back, selling his house, car and quitting his job in New York.

Having both Sung Joon and Shin Hyuk back in Seoul proved to be stressful to Hye Jin who then decided to go away for a while with Ha Ri. Both men told her that they were not going to pressure her. She meets Shin Hyuk to tell him that she’s actually very greedy. She wants him to remain in her life but she chooses Sung Joon as the man she will marry. He gives her a bear hug telling her that he understands. He then makes his “disappearing act” again.

At the wedding day, Sung Joon can see how troubled Hye Jin is. He pretty much figured out that she’s worried about Shin Hyuk. He asks her again if she wants to go through with the wedding. She said yes… They walk down the aisle. She looks around for Shin Hyuk but couldn’t find him. After the ceremony, as Sung Joon and Hye Jin were getting ready to leave the venue,… Shin Hyuk does what he’s been good at doing. He surprises her and she screams – feeling shocked and surprised, as usual. Then he hugs her and congratulates her.


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