Taken for granted

If you are staying over at a relative’s place because you want to save on accommodation costs, here are some ways that you can really annoy them. (Yes, I’m being sarcastic.) In other words, please don’t do this.

  1. Invisible Maids (You can’t see them, but somehow the junk you left on the table, and mugs you use etc gets cleared up miraculously. You wonder if there are elves or maids…. You do it again and again because it seems the place seems to be magical… ) Get Real. Since you’re not paying for your stay and it’s totally out of the generosity of the host, please out of respect, wash the utensils/mugs etc after using; unless specifically asked by the host to leave it. Don’t assume that you are entitled to maid service that’s free of charge whereby the hosts have to act as maid and wash the mugs, utensils etc…
  2. More About The Invisible Maids (So, you can’t see the maids, so you decide to drink. Perhaps when you’re drunk, you can actually encounter one.) Hello??? Done with your beer for the night – and last one to leave the living room – please bring your empty beer cans to the kitchen and switch off the lights.
  3. Free Electricity, eh? You’re not paying for the electricity bill, please swicth off the fan when you’ve left the room.
  4. Hogging The Washroom (You want to reserve the washroom so you close the door to leave people wondering if there’s anyone in there. Heck! That way, when you need to use the washroom, you will know for sure that nobody is in the washroom.) Just leave the door of the washroom open once you’re done. You are at the host’s place, leave it the way it is – at the host’s place.


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