So, I’ve been watching this Kdrama called “She was pretty”. This is one of the songs in the soundtrack of the drama. I love this song.

After having seen several dramas, I have this one big question. Why is it that the “first love” is usually the bestfriend in childhood?

Anyway, Hye Jin initially asked a favour from her close friend Ha Ri to pretend to be her because (I guess), she wasn’t confident enough to meet Sung Joon who has grown up to be a handsome young man. She didn’t see herself “pretty” enough. Of course, things got complicated because Ha Ri started to fall in love with Sung Joon and was sort of seeing him behind her back, still pretending to be Hye Jin. Meanwhile Sung Joon thought he was dating Hye Jin when he was pretty much being quite mean to the real Hye Jin at the work place. Anyway, there are 3 more episodes if you want to catch the series.

I had a thought when I was listening to the music. isn’t it painful to long for that person whom you know is out there, and yet you don’t know where. So, you search and search and when you think you’ve found him/her,… you realize that the one you found wasn’t really the one you were looking for. And perhaps some part of you even try to convince yourself that he/she’s the one because in a way, you’re tired of looking but you can’t deny the fact that he/she is more like a stranger to you.


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