My Top 5 Fictional Character Crush

In random order, here are my favourite fictional characters. They’re definitely not perfect but they’re many times better than any of the guys that I’ve liked before.

  1. Mr. Darcy – Of course, everyone likes him. (Most ladies especially fans of Pride & Prejudice). He’s such a gentleman (swoon)…. before I get weak, I better get to the others in the list.
  2. Legolas – Yes, he sure is beautiful. I remember once telling my friend that I would never date a guy that has long hair…but Legolas is an exception. (This is a matter of preference.) Why do I like that character? Perhaps because of that protective side of him. Remember Tauriel? How she had left and he went after her…
  3. Howl – I guess he can be so dramatic when it comes to his hair but he is one charming bloke for sure. If you saw the movie version of Howl’s Moving Castle, one of my favourite scenes is Howl & Sophie’s walk in the clouds and the scene at the garden of flowers. Half wizard, half gentleman.
  4. Shota Kazehaya – This character is from the Japanese anime series “Kini Ni Todoke”. What I like about him is that he was able to see the side of Sawako that nobody else in school saw. He was generally friendly to her when everyone else was mean.
  5. Yun Ji Hu from Boys Over Flowers – Of course the more famous character in that series was Gu Jun Pyo (played by Lee Min Ho); but again – it’s how Ji Hu was always very protective towards Geum Jan Di. (Especially that episode where she was overworked and she fainted.)

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