Hold The Dream

I’ve had dreams whereby I saw myself pregnant. Of course, all this is symbolic since I’m probably born without maternal instinct. (Grin) I don’t have a tendency to go all gooey when I see little children and babies. I know many of my friends (women) who are married just melt when they see babies. I think I’ll melt when I see dogs and puppies.

I was told that seeing pregnancy in dreams could mean that one is pregnant with a dream/ministry ; and that in the right time, the baby (the dream) will emerge. So, what I must be going through must be what’s equivalent to “birth pangs”; or when the baby is getting too heavy that you just want to give birth to that dream so that it will no longer be a burden. (When I say “burden”, it’s more like that feeling when you know that something is meant to happen but you still hold it in, fearing failure.) But you know that labour has begun. Perhaps that’s the season I’m in… Labour because giving birth to that dream will take work.

Once again, I feel that old dream (slightly modified) come alive, and I’m not sure I can put it away again. Maybe because it’s about time. I’m still praying for clear direction and guidance from God.

Off topic, I think the flame in that torch I’ve been holding has finally died today. Time to put the torch away too.


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