Review : Ensemble Koschka (August 23, 2015)

IMG_5520While I have heard of Ensemble Koschka, this is my first time to listen to them play “live”. I was actually surprised to see the musicians at the entrance to Hall 2 at the Performing Arts Centre in Straits Quay. Let me start by saying what I like first. The programme included a writeup on classical music concert etiquette. I guess that helps others who have not attended classical music concerts before. What I felt didn’t work well was the many movements. (Not the music.) The musicians kept walking in and out. I suppose they wanted to walk in as a team, and out as a team as well. They didn’t play all the songs together since there are several numbers with only the piano and violin, piano and viola, etc…  The last piece was what made me want more…. they played the theme from Mission Impossible. They all played wonderfully but I salute the pianist because there was no break for her.  Unfortunately, photography wasn’t allowed…so here’s the only picture I could capture of that day…the lonely piano.


By the way, they’ll be playing on the 1st of November at KissA Koyotei Cafe. Admission is RM40. For more information, please check out their website:


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