Sweet Distraction…Pays But Costly

You know how it’s like when you’re frustrated about a situation which involves the opposite sex, and you get yourself busy (and distracted) so that you will forget about that frustration… and while you’re distracting yourself,..you forget about Mr.Trouble.

I had not expected it but when I pushed open the door to the aerobics room, there was someone already there. You can say distraction was  working his abdominal muscles. Distraction looks somewhat South American, tanned and…obviously an eye candy. Distraction left the room just before I hit the 40th count,.. I was doing abs crunch and decided to just relax at the jacuzzi and probably chill at the pool. Unfortunately, distraction showed up at the pool too. So Distraction continued to distract me,…and I honestly can’t remember what I did at the gym but I think I must’ve pulled a muscle. My ribs (back) hurt. In the end, all that distraction didn’t really take away all the frustration.

So,..enjoy this piece of music, “I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair…” from South Pacific – the musical.

Speaking of that, it’s showertime,…and I’m gonna wash my hair…


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