Have You Really Surrendered?

Are you dead enough? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself lately. Ever since I came back from the revival conference, I felt my passion for the creative arts come alive again. So, I will paint again…and I will write poems again…maybe even submit the poems to Blue Mountain Arts. I will play and write music again, and I will sing again with the local choir group. I’ve already made up my mind to attend the audition next week. The director thinks that I would probably stay around for the practice session since I already have the experience singing with the state choir in the past. Yes, I still feel lazy, but suddenly I feel alive again.

No doubt, time and time again, I’ve put that “creative side” of me on the altar and I’ve stabbed it so many times, wanting it to die because I just wasn’t seeing any fruits. My artworks are not getting sold. But I’ve finally come to that point where I surrender it all to God and whatever His plans are for my life.

Perhaps it was only my plans … to be able to rise to fame through art but maybe, … just maybe that was never His plans all along.

Today, I’m dead enough to just do it because it pleases Him. I will just draw or paint because it makes Him happy to see me using the gift He gave me. That’s the same for writing and singing. I will do it even if it never gets appreciated.

It’s all about Him after all.


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