Confession time: I’ve been so distracted. I wanted to blog some time ago but I was distracted by Zite, Facebook, Twitter, News360 etc… and Pet Rescue videos. Honestly, I get so hooked by the videos and the next thing I knew, it was 9:45pm and I was too lazy to do anything else. I’ve also suddenly been hit by a wave of nostalgia, longing for the yesteryears. Remember the TV series Friends, Ally McBeal, Frasier etc.? It got me listening to Josh Groban again. Yes, the baritone whose voice makes my heart aflutter. So, I started listening to his old songs again, and stumbled upon his new album Stages which I love, love, love. Check it out!

The week has been so stressful, and work has been hellish but I must say that this beast has been soothed by listening to him singing. That’s it for Groban-fever. Enjoy this piece.

I must add this as well… (To Where You Are)…it’s definitely one of my favourites.


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