Review: Jurassic World

I practically lazed around the entire week, with a few exceptions when I had to check my office emails (reluctantly). I also managed to catch this movie. It has been a while since I’ve seen any movie with the word “jurassic”. I knew I had to catch this movie because I enjoyed watching The Lost World: Jurassic Park. I suppose a lot of it is CGI but still worth watching. You definitely need to see this in a cinema. They chose the right actor (Chris Pratt) to play Owen although I have to admit that when I see his face, I remember Guardians of the Galaxy and how he introduced himself as “Starlord”. Chris Pratt is cool!

If I could summarize the entire movie, I would say it’s about what could happen when people try to play God. (The ruthless dinosaur “Indominus Rex” is not quite a dinosaur because of the DNA mix.) Imagine creating a creature that kills for sport. That’s a lethal weapon. Imagine thinking you can control this creature but finding out that you can’t. It’s also about relationships. Claire, who appeared so headstrong and ambitious would in the end, crumble when she realized her nephews may be in danger. Reminds me of what someone told me,…”it’s just work.”


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