Review: Avengers (Age of Ultron)

I was never really a fan of Marvel comics until X-Men. Then I got hooked. In fact, I have always skipped the comics section in the newspaper except Far Side occasionally. After X-Men, I started watching more movies by Marvel. If you think that I’m going to say that I didn’t enjoy Avengers (Age of Ultron), then sorry to disappoint you. In fact, every time I come out wanting more. There’s that side of me that longs to see real superheroes rise up and rescue the world and get rid of evil.  (Stop reading if you don’t want spoilers!)

I think the actors played their various roles very well, and yes, I really wanted to see something happen between Natasha and Banner. There’s a certain chemistry between the two characters and I was so disappointed when Banner (Hulk) tuned out the communication and pretty much went his own way.

I like how there’s still humour although there’s so much action in the movie and I can’t imagine anyone else as Thor. In this movie, there’s romance, action, humour and some drama.. I can’t wait to see the next installation.


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