A Million Pieces

For the rest of my life I will remember today as the day my heart was broken into a million pieces. Only the people closest are able to say words that pierce right into one’s heart. 

I can’t believe I had to defend my artwork. Never mind the fact that it took me weeks to finish that piece and a lot of inspiration to bring it out from my heart, and on to the canvas; and the passion burning in my heart when I was working on that piece. I can’t believe they refused to accept the truth that the picture I painted is a church in Santorini. They insist that it’s a grave. Just because they think it looks like a grave, it is a grave? Hello? What about the role of the artist as the creator? How can they tell the ‘creator’ that her creation is what they perceive it to be… Especially when it’s been created as a church. 

I don’t care if they hate that artwork or if they tell me it looks ugly but I’m very heartbroken to have to defend my creation…that it is what I created it to be. 

I was going to participate in this year’s exhibition but I don’t think I have the mood to do another piece. Who knows, they may insist that a golden brownish flower is dead leaf. 


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