Coming Up For Air

I have completed 10 lessons and I’m still at the breathing stage. It’s quite hilarious actually because sometimes I think even a turtle finds it easy to come up for air. There I was doing a kick, exhaling underwater,…and I do the pull but I forget to come up for air. The first few times, I couldn’t even get my head up the water, so I couldn’t inhale.

During my practice session yesterday, I finally managed to get my head out of the water but I forgot to inhale and my head went down in a big splash – and I forgot about the arm movements. Ah!….Breaststroke, why art thou so difficult?

My instructor said that maybe I still get a little nervous in the water,… I guess so. Tomorrow, I’ll have to give it another try. It’s been so windy in the evenings lately. In other words,…it’s cold to be in the pool for a long time, especially with the wind blowing.

Here’s hoping that I can do it by Saturday. I need to remember what my pastor said. “Water is your friend.”


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