Aquaphobic No More

Today I had my 9th swimming lesson in the morning. Of course, people who are not afraid of water would laugh at me for still not being able to master breaststroke. Meanwhile, I’ll give myself a pat on my back because it’s been worth the effort overcoming the fear of water.

Just 2 months ago, I couldn’t even submerge my nose. I spent an entire lesson trying to be comfortable in the water and a few more lessons to be able to submerge my head and hold my breath. Even stepping into the water in the pool (3 feet deep), I could feel the adrenalin going and my pulse was racing.

I’m still trying to coordinate the arm and legs movement and will very likely go for practices in mid-week. Hopefully by the 10th lesson, I can incorporate the breathing into the movements. But it’s very liberating now that I don’t feel my pulse racing when I’m in the water.


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