I Still Believe…

I had mixed feelings yesterday when I read my friend’s Facebook postings. Firstly, he’s someone I knew many years ago. In fact, I was a new believer when I met him at church. I’ve always thought that he shares the same faith because he was serving in the church I attended when I became a Christ follower. We lost touch when I left for tertiary education and got back in touch when another friend and I met up at Coffee Bean. I remembered him but he didn’t remember me until I reminded him who I used to attend church with.

With all that has happened lately, I sense bitterness in him, especially when he said there is no God and that the concept of God was brought down via traditions etc… And he wanted justification why tragedies happen if God exists. I wish I can explain but I’m merely a human with finite knowledge. If I can explain God and His plans and purposes, then it makes me some kind of a deity, but I am not.  I can only say that it’s by my daily walk with God that I know that I know that I know He exists and although there are so many wicked things going on in the world and many tragic events, I still believe in Him and His goodness. I can’t prove it but I know. Just like I can’t convince my friend, I hope he finds peace in whatever he decides. There is freedom of choice after all.


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