60 cm Gliding In Water

So, I missed my swimming lesson last weekend when I fell sick. Today I was given a “free” lesson because my instructor had forgotten to let me know that there was no class today. I was fortunate that the other instructor was around. It’s strange that after a two week gap, it felt like I was back in Lesson 1 where the fear was there again. Today, I was taught to glide to the front. At 60cm away, it was quite easy and felt safe but when I was standing a little further, I panicked and breathed in water because I couldn’t feel the wall. To cut the story short, I choked. It seems that it will take me a longer time to build that confidence in the water. Hence, I will be needing practise. When I look at the other guy doing breaststroke, I was like, “why does it look so easy?” and I’m here trying hard to shake off that fear and submerge my head in the water. My nose seems to naturally want to breathe in water. I need to practise, practise, practise but only if there’s a lifeguard around.


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