An Old Dream – Resurfacing

The video above isn’t related to what I’m writing in this post but I decided to include it because Joshua Bell is an inspiration to me.

Ever since the concert I attended on Sunday, I felt that old dream re-surfacing. Sometimes I wish that it would just die off because it’s like swimming upstream. I sent a note of encouragement but I don’t know if it ever reached the players.

I personally believe that they have potential and I think if they’re given more training and exposure to international artists, it would encourage them to work even harder. The fact that giving their time to play, show that they do have a passion for music. I don’t have any comments for those who joined because they were nagged into doing so. But I long to see an improvement in the quality

If I have unlimited funds, I would invest in the young musicians. It’s an investment because I believe in them and I would set up the music school so that even those who normally don’t get the opportunity to take up music lessons would get that opportunity.

It’s so big that it’s impossible – and that’s how it gets shoved away in the cold corner- unless God steps in. Every now and then, this dream would show its head.

Whenever I see videos like the clip below, my heart is moved; and I think to myself, it is very possible that a child who comes from a family that’s struggling with finances might have that talent hidden in him/her but due to finances, that talent might be buried for a long time.


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