Foolish Heart

So, my fingers were itchy and I decided to do a search for a certain someone in Facebook. Lo and behold, I found him. I wish I can say my heart started racing and palms got sweaty and there was “Hungry Eyes” playing in the background. None of that happened. Why? Other than the fact that it’s more than 2.5 decades, I had to make a call to my supplier past midnight. I was so tired and just wanted to sleep. Yes, grouchy too!

In a way, God answered my prayers because I have been so curious how ‘Mr. Kilometer” looks like now. Or should I say “Dr. Kilometer”…It’s too bad that he was wearing one of glasses with fake nose in the Facebook profile picture. Then again, his hairdo is the same as the last time. From his pose in the photo, I think he’s still pretty much the same chap I met years ago. 

I wondered if he still plays the cello. Although a part of me thought about writing to find out how he’s doing, I decided not to. Some things are better left the way they are. I can’t remember what I did to those letters he wrote me. But I still have the pewter he gave me. I wonder if he would still remember me, if I visit London sometime in the future and stand in front of his clinic. And, I wonder if things would’ve turned out differently if I had taken up nursing…which crossed my mind. (Note to self: Meditate on Jeremiah 29:11)

The music that would be playing in the background is “Secret” by OMD. (I’ll post the Youtube link later.)

I wonder…


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