The Library, The Cute Guy & the hearse

My mind did some traveling today and I visited my days in the college. I was sitting for the South Australian Matriculation exam that year. I recall today that one of my favourite subjects was ESL. We had to do a research and I met a really cute guy at the library. I was actually impressed because although he was a former student in a chinese school, he spoke in good English. My friends were curious about him because he was different from the rest. He wore moccasins to college and I remember his goatee.
We exchanged numbers and very soon we had long marathon conversations on the phone (no mobile phones then).

One day, he asked if I wanted to go to the library with him. (The state university library and not the college library.) So I wanted to go, but there was a catch. He said I would need to pick him up and drive to the library. Guess what! My parents back then wasn’t eager about letting me use the family’s car. So I guess the alternative would be to get him to drive us there. That didn’t work out either.

He did say that there was another option, which was the hearse. You see, his family ran a business, not just any business. A casket company. And…nope, I wasn’t going to get in the hearse. Not yet anyway.

And that’s why the library ‘date’ didn’t happen. But he’s really a nice guy. I bet he’s a doctor somewhere. CSJ,… If you read this, drop me a line…it would be nice to catch up.


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