Charged Up & Inspired!

If you’ve not been to any of the Ted/TedX conferences, I would really recommend it. I attended the TedX session in Penang last year, and this year too. Last year, someone I know was presenting and I was there to give support and found myself learning from other presenters, and catching their passion.

This year’s talk in Penang was held at E&O hotel. In fact, I was just there this afternoon and I wanted to write about my experience. Once again, one of the presenters happened to be someone I know. It’s been a while since I last met him and had a great time listening to him singing the songs he wrote. Daniel’s talent has grown and I’m looking forward to getting his album. It’s nice to see that he’s the humble person I met at church.

Another presenter whom I was impressed with was Davina Goh. Wow! To sign up for training at Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy…. I’ll say it again. Wow! Tahan Lasak!! Reminds me of the time when I signed up for personal training at the gym. I recall today that I was in pain, almost every day.

Then, there was Jason Godfrey. What he shared about touched me to the very core because I feel it… the routine job that almost drives me crazy because it’s so routine and yet, that’s what makes the buck and of course,…one needs to pay bills. That boredom is what drives me to chase after my dream and I know how impossible things may be right now. However, this time, I would not let the naysayers get to me. 

In fact, I think what he shared was like a kick in the butt for me. Yes, never lose sight of that dream and never lose that passion. But at the same time, start doing it fearlessly. Stop all the negative talk and walk in faith! Seize the day!




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