When Paths Crossed

In a span of 4 days, I met my cousin whom I have not seen since he was a toddler. I also met my second cousin, whom I have never met in my life although I’ve met her father about two decades ago. As usual, meeting relatives mean that one has to prepare for a barrage of questions pertaining one’s marital status. At least it’s true in most of the meetings I’m a part of.

So, my parents had a good time chatting with my 1st cousin (once removed) and I enjoyed listening to their old stories. I address him as “uncle”. Then the taboo question came.

“And you? Are you married?”

“No,” I said.

Then, the assumption was that because I attend church, there should be many potential suitors in church. I almost choked in my reply. So, they kept talking about their grandchildren and about some of my nephews & nieces who are of mix-parentage, and my second cousin’s children (also mix-parentage). They came to the conclusion that offsprings from mix-parentage are smarter. A pair of eyes looked at me. “Let that be a lesson for you. Think about it.” For a moment, I thought,…now,…if you could bring Legolas (yes – Legolas. Not Orlando Bloom) out from the book into reality, I just may propose to him. But having kids post 40 is a no no. Then i thought, maybe my first cousin didn’t know that I’m past 40.

After lunch at the hotel, I was reminded about changing my marital status. “But uncle,..I’m in love with a fictional character. Where can you find someone like Legolas?” I almost wanted to say, but kept it inside.

I can just imagine an ad sounding like this, “seeks long blonde elf who is armed with a bow and arrows and carries a knife. Also called the prince of Mirkwood.” I’m joking of course.  Sometimes, the only way to treat those pressures is to joke about it.





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