Then & Now

I’ve not done anything for myself for the past week, other than getting multivitamins to help sustain my health while I try to manage the madness. I came to the realization yesterday that it’s so much easier to get help in the schooling days. I remember having to shift boxes from one dorm to another and I had two car loads of people helping me. But when I sought for help in dismantling the bed and moving it down, I had two people offering to help whereby one of them has back problems. In the end, I decided to buy a new bed frame because at least I could pay people to assemble the bed.

My mother should be getting discharged from the hospital later this afternoon although the bed will not arrive until Sunday. Since she insists on coming home today, there is no other choice but to let her sleep on the sofa. When my dad suggested that I pick up the bed frames, he said he’d be able to assemble the bed if he doesn’t have osteoporosis problems. Then at that point, I knew I’d have to close one of my eyes and assume that my mom will know her limits. If I couldn’t get help in dismantling the bed, I wasn’t going to ask for help again, in assembling the new bed frame.

What disappointed me most was the offer of help, although it came from someone from the same faith, does have back pain problems. So, I wasn’t going to make things worse for her. And only one person offered to help. Another person whom I approached, didn’t even get back to me although I told him he’s not obligated to help. I would’ve thought he’d at least get back to me so that I could try other options.

Another person who offered to help was my neighbour, and also a woman. She doesn’t share the same faith/belief but she was glad to help.

So, it’s true that it takes a crisis to tell true friends from good friends.


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