Romanticizing Things…

I suppose if you’re a fan of Lee Min Ho, you would’ve already seen the short drama “Line Romance”. If you haven’t, do check it out. It’s just three 15-minute episodes and would probably make you want to visit Seoul… alone.

When I traveled to Seoul alone, I had high hopes of experiencing something memorable, and no doubt, the entire trip was memorable but I think those of us (K-drama fans) would romanticize everything. I had imagined bumping into one of the Korean celebrities on my trip to Busan via KTX. That didn’t happen of course. What happened was meeting a kind couple that pointed out to me that I was in the wrong coach. (Yup! First class… no kidding. How could I not know that those seats are 1st class seats.)

Again, I imagined walking along Taejongdae park and chancing upon Hyun Bin (yeah right!). That didn’t happen either… what really happened was not being able to go down because there was a pregnant woman sitting close to me and I couldn’t get off the Danubi train without asking her to get off first. She looked like she was 8 months pregnant and I felt bad.

So much for fantasies…


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