Skeletons In The Closet

Thoughts of my friend have been haunting me lately. I knew him when I was a student in the university. He was so much like a father to me and was always there to encourage me whenever I felt down and out. He was also there when I felt like giving up. Then a few years ago, something happened to him. The latest news I heard was he’s been charged with a few things which I will not mention. Every part of me says that he didn’t do it and he had not pleaded guilty. The person I knew then couldn’t have done it. It’s just so out of his character.  Till today, I find it impossible to believe it. I think about his family and what they must have gone through and I feel helpless.

What if the whole thing was a mistake? And what if it wasn’t – and he really committed those crimes? At his age and having to stay at the jail must be horrible and sad. It makes me question myself, if he did do wrong, how forgiving would I be, someday in the future if our paths cross? Perhaps I find it easier to forgive because it didn’t happen to me but it’s still considered deception. Yet I still find myself feeling sorry for him and his family.

Forgiveness is supernatural. That’s my prayer, that the victim (if indeed was telling the truth) can find a way to forgive and then be healed.


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