Day 2: Know Where To Stop The Bus

In my earlier post, I wrote about running at the airport to catch the connecting flight. You know what they say about sprinting without having stretched your muscles? They’re right. I started feeling sore during the journey to Incheon International Airport.

When I arrived, I felt as though I was walking right into a scene of the Korean series. People were speaking Korean pretty much all the way. I didn’t hear anything uttered in English until I reached the information desk. Sometimes, no matter how hard you prepare in terms of gathering information for the trip, by the time you get there, some things may have changed.

I had a little notebook with me whereby I scribbled my To-Do’s and in sequential order. Getting the T-money card was the next thing on my mind. You can get that at the 7 Eleven store in the airport (or any 7 Eleven stores). When I walked into the store, I was amazed. They have so many different types of coffee. Once I had the T-money card, I was off to get the bus ticket to town. (10,000 KRW) Bus 6002 took me straight to town.

Of course, being totally new to the surrounding, I stopped the bus a little early. Soon, I found myself having to walk quite a bit down the road at Dongdaemun. (That’s about 5 minutes, dragging my luggage along, and a heavy backpack). I did stop by at the different shops to get directions, and was very relieved when I finally found the hostel.

However, by then, my legs were crying out for mercy and guess what! I couldn’t check in yet. So I stuck around and charged my phone and made a call home to say that I’ve arrived. Took the subway to City Hall and saw some procession going on at Deoksugung Palace.

The other shocking thing…  the stairs! So many stairs. So few elevators/escalators. My poor legs and knees.


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